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Contact us

Mgr. Petra Hercegova (Rothbauerova)

+421 949 369 754

Mojmírovce, Slovakia

(i´m OK with english, german, polish and czech language)

Before you write us or call, that you want reserve a puppy, please read about the breed. I do not take reservations from people, who dont know what kind of breed this is and what it needs. If you need advice or details, I will for sure answer.

If you would like to visit us, our doors are sure open. We are OK with english, german and understand polish language aswell. You only need to write us an email so we can choose a suitable termine. We are not every day at home and have also own program. And since you want to visit dogs, please remember, that the dogs can make your clothes dirty. Choose the clodes so, it will be not a problem. We take you for a walk with the dogs. If you want to bring something for the dogs as a treat, please ask first, so you know, what they like.

click for dirrect route to us via google maps

By any questions, please contact me via mail or FB:

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