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My name is Petra and Im active in kynology since 2005. We began our breeding with the breed Czechoslovakian wolfdog.

In the Club of Breeders of the Czechoslovakian wolfdogs of Slovakia, I held the position of vice-president responsible for relations with foreign countries and organizing dogshows, I managed club websites and Facebook, also the Journal, I organized several club shows, SVP and helped create a database of CSV individuals in Slovakia. I still represent active breed at the international level, especially on my website, where the breed is described perhaps as extensive as possible.

I am currently on maternity leave and we spend a lot of time working on remodeling our house. My husband Róbert also takes care of the dogs with me, prefers to drive to the shows and his wish was to get "normal" breeds to guard the house and company, so we chose Hovawart and Leonberger together. And it was Leonberger who charmed us the most.

Everything you find on our pages are my ideas and knowledge, that I have from my own or from breeders, not only of breeds CsW, HW or LEON, but also others. I love to collect the knowledge and publish. Started on our webpages, but it did come on paper in march 2021. So I have 4 kinds of breeders notes brochures and one about Czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy and its rising and fullfiling stud terms. The book is soon available in english and german language.

And hopefully with luck, I manage to get the rights to judge the breed Czechoslovakian wolfdog in 2020 (due to corona virus canceled and moved to 2021).

I also love collecting of historical artifacts from Slovakia and we also have peafowls at our place. All photos and infos on Facebook My Country living pages.

Kennel Tobrok was founded on 13th January, 2010 and has become its registration with number 327/09 name of kennel is before the name of puppy). The kennel follows the rules of organisations FCI, SKJ, SPZ and the breed clubs. We started our breeding with the breed Czechoslovakian wolfdog, but we changed with time to the breed Leonberger. We also own a multichampion stud male of breed Hovawart, but we do not plan to get a female, he is our first and last one. In our kennel we breed puppies only with pedigree! We follow the rule of Slovak republic law not to sell pupps younger than 8 weeks. Our first litter was realised in 2014. We bred 7 litters after 6 females of CsW under our name. Althought those were our last litters of this breed. We bred for now only one litter of Leonbergers and will continue.

The litter names of wolfdogs were given by a combination of name of puppy and shortcut of the mothers name (brood power :)). So Aki (Akia), Bor (Barbora), Yel (Yelka), Tar (Tara), Ang (Angstroom), Cass (Casshera)... For Leonbergers, I have choosen the translation for word lion in African language, for the puppies after Akkanga, which is "Leeu".
for puppies Tobrok are choosen only by us.
It is clear to us, that the owners will call their pets with own names. Names for puppies, I had selected before purchase of Akia and are selected to fit to the name of the kennel. Yes, I love exotic and perhaps awkward names :) Meaning is there none, they're mostly just anagrams or come from sci-fi movies, fantasy or animes :)

We feed our dogs raw. Its the most natural way to feed and dogs are in great shape. This kind of feeding is nothing new in the world and also by us is not. Since I remember, the dogs were fed raw, also by my grandmother. So its normal for us to feed this way too, is nothing like "its in, lets feed this way". Its a kind of dog food, we prefer. The shortcut BARF is bit modern name for it, but its still feeding raw. How do we feed our dogs concrete, you can see here.

If you would like to visit us, our doors are sure open. We are OK with english, german and understand polish languages. You only need to write us an email or call us, so we can choose a suitable termine. We are not every day at home and have also own program. And since you want to visit dogs, please remember, that the dogs can make your clothes dirty. Choose the clodes so, it will be not a problem. We take you for a walk with the dogs. If you want to bring something for the dogs as a treat, please ask first, so you know, what they like.

Before you write us or call, that you want reserve a puppy, please read our pages (still the biggiest about the breed CSW in world, but still answer a lot of questions about Leonbergers). I do not take reservations from people, who dont know what kind of breed is this. We have a lot of experience with CsW, we will introduce you the breed. But we will have no more CsW litters!

As new owners for a CsW we accept people, who would like to make theire lifes better with a dog, giant with goled heart, that know what a breed they want - in its size and needs of food. Its a realy big sized dogs, that needs a lot of food, that means a lot of money.

We are not and never will be a mass production kennel. We have only so many dogs, we can care about, but always its more than one or too :) We love dogs and love to have them around us.

Here live our wolfdogs and also puppies before they go to new homes. The rest of our yard is not suitable for pupps or wolfdogs, so this is a secure place for them all. Its still not completed, so we need to work on it a bit more, since some things still missing, but anyway, Im realy happy, that the dogs have now theire own, secure place to rest and pupps to grow.

The dogs run after kennels were ready, we tunned them, so the wolfdogs could not escape.

Until the age of 4 weeks are the puppies in own room, where the mom is allowed to come inside and go outside as she wishes. Pupps are under control, monitored, protected from weather, in hot days with cooling and in winter with heating.