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Health by Czechoslovakian wolfdogs

Although the breed is young and relatively healthy, yet there are disease that is susceptible and which occur in it. I will not translate all the health info, because my english is realy not on this level. So I will only list the health problems of CsW, please use google to search more info about them in your language.

The "typical" problem for large breeds is the dysplasy, especially of the hip. That particular disease is controlled at wolfdogs and is mandatory in breeding in Slovakia - X-rays to determine the degree of dysplasy. Slovakia recognizes as studs only dogs with a degree 0 and 1, ie. A 0/0 - B 1/1. In the Czech Republic is it up to 2, ie. C 2/2.

From other diseases, is presence of gene for dwarfism. When mating two positive parents, puppies are born affected by the disease. The disease causes that puppy stops growing of its body, functioning of organs is weaks and need treatment. Newly mandatory in Slovakia too.

Degenerative myelopathy is a disease of the spinal cord, leading to paralysis. Newly mandatory in Slovakia too.

Mandatory and most tested by CsW are hip and elbow dysplasy, dwarfism, degenerative myelopathy. About those you can find some info here, on left in menu. Tested can be also eye problems called PRA. 

Other problems by CsW are: Cryptorchidism (missing testicles), kinked tail, epilepsy, cancer, problems with teeth (missing, deformations, teeth extra), thyroid, leucaemia.

Problems with fertility, mortality of not born puppies or health problems in rising of puppies: False gravidity, herpes virus, mycoplasma, strep G, pyometra, demodex, giardia, parvovirus, canina distemper, borrelia, worms. 

You may have problems with: alergy, anal gland, gastric torsion, laryngotracheitis, poisoning, babeziosis