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Basics of behaving and education

Education by the breeder

The role of the breeder is not only to have puppies, but preparing of pupps to live with people and laid the foundations of education and proper psychological development of them. The breeder is educating the pupps the first 7 - 8 weeks, then they are ready to pick up and receive continuing education by the new owner.

The first 15 days pupps do not hear and see, their main task is to just eat and sleep. Breeder have to worry especially about cleanliness and guard the health of puppies and their mother. But as soon as they start to hear and see, begin to move, begins educational work for the breeder.

Education lies in the fact, that the breeder as puppies grow and begin to move, leave them to know the surroundings, kennel, creating a relationship with people and other dogs. Relationship between breeder and puppies deepens with their daily contact, feeding and care. Breeder has puppies slowly get know to noises. Must keep in mind, that fear may undermine the relationship, so must be careful and the process must be thoughtful and progressive. Breeder should not allow a violent socialization and a puppy escape from fear is the worst. The work of the breeder lies in the fact, that he encouraged puppies in exploring their surroundings, introduce them to the kennel, garden, home and add them courage and confidence, that there is no danger. In this contact the breeder gets know, which puppy is brave, which not, and can advise the new owner the right pupp for his conditions.

Education by the owner
Education by the new owner is something else. Although breeder can prepare the pupp for new situations, every one can go to other conditions. One in the house, the second in a family with children and the third to the apartment in the city center. Each place has its specifications. Therefore, the owner has to continue, what the breeder began.

Breeder should tell the owner about the nature of puppies, and whether it is really appropriate to his conditions, or whether to look after another one. It is necessary that the owner visit the puppy at least once before picking up. Ideally, it is 2 to 3 times or more. Taking from the mother is not so stressful and the owner will be able to see and follow the development of his future friend. Breeder must instruct the owner about education by Czechoslovakian wolfdogs, which is, in my opinion, far more important than training. Right education is the basis of living with wolfdog.

How progress the picking up day, the first moments in the new house and the like, see in the "puppy" part. Familiarize yourself with the term "socialization". It is the alpha and omega and you must know what it is about. Puppy from the early days must get to know the surroundings and noises - gradually! - the new home and see, that it must not fear and run away. If such a situation occurs, you should know how to react.

Incorrect or poor education can have disastrous consequences. It is therefore necessary to communicate with breeder and get familiar with the rules before you will you take the dog home and the best before you start thinking about a dog. Because it takes much time and nerves getting the dog into the "so-what a normal dog", you should be constantly in touch with breeders, who are willing to help you with any questions. Wolfdogs really need a different approach and motivation, education and socialization, deeper unlike other breeds, and if you not ignore this part of his life, then you will not have future problems with unbalanced dog.