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Czechoslovakian wolfdog and beginer

A very common question is, whether the Czechoslovakian wolfdog breed is suitable for beginners. At most sites devoted to dog breed standards, from laity, but also "experienced" trainer, you will hear, that wolfdog is not suitable for beginners. However, owners and longtime breeders will tell you something else. It depends on how the beginner is...

I think a beginner can obtain a CsW pupp, but must have a few assumptions. Someone, who is willing to sacrifice a lot of time and is willing to learn and listen to advice of breeder, from whom he took puppy. Will be willing to attend events and training centers, that already have experience with CsW, or are OK with his individuality and can teach him by his own way. You must not take them as something extra special, but the trainer must accept their difference, must see if its suitable a mild training or a bit harder and focus on his individuality. We must not talk only about CsW, a good trainer is such one, who will train all dogs by they individualities.

Beginner has its pluses. If is he the right owner for the CsW, is better as years long trainer or dog owner, who applies procedures and methods learned from other breeds, or has too much ambitions and dreams. CsW is a different dog and what works for shepherds and other breeds, we can not be apply on him. Such a person may have exaggerated ideas about what should be the wolfdog like and require from him something, he can not provide and not only the dog is unhappy but also its owner.

A person who has never had a dog must recognize the fact, that it is necessary to be in contact with other owners or breeders who are willing to help him and he take their advice and will follow them. It's good to meet with the owners of wolfdogs, not just people with "ordinary" dogs, because they know the nature of wolfdogs and will be better able to advise and explain, what the dog wants from you, and also, that with time the dog will be better : o)

Beginner, such who never had a dog, has an plus, he has no exact expectations, how the dog is working, it will not be surprised by different psyche and thinking of wolfdog. Beginner holds on the breeders tips - not practice the procedures learned from another breed, is actually a blank book and they learn both - puppy and owner. On the other hand, the negatives are there too, with such not knowing, can go many wrong, especially by wolfdogs, who quickly finds out, that the owner is weak in hierarchy and over time will take the lead over the pack ...

The wolfdog will not take a man, who wants a dog primarily for work. It does not take a person, who wants results, fast and clear working dog. You should take years work approved shepherds and other working breeds. On the other hand, a man who wants a dog "for the garden" should also not take the wolfdog. Wolfdogs need to explore the world and look beyond the borders of the garden and not be "lost" somewhere in the yard in the village.

Wolfdog belongs in the hands of those, who love nature, is active, in the mood to learn and will spent time with dog every day, for several hours and not just in the first months of his life, but his whole life. And that's the sacrifice, that many do not want to undergo. Belongs into the hands to person, who is able to work with the dog, tell him what is right and what not, not with hard hand, but with patience and right education. Hard hand and drill do not belong to wolfdog. But also not a life without borders. Wolfdog must respect his master, the master is alpha, which is worth to follow. The right owner is one that meets all these requirements.

It is necessary to be familiar with the breed before you decide, wait a year, two or more, interact and communicate with owners and breeders, then you will be not surprised and disappointed by what grows in your home. You will be satisfied and the Czechoslovakian wolfdog breed too.