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Types of food for a wolfdog -  canned food

Canned feed can be found today even in supermarkets, not just in special pet centers. It is the same as by granules - too many kinds of them. It is not the same canned food and canned food can have huge differences. To select the appropriate brand and quality is difficult, but certainly do not seek for the cheapest. What is needed to follow, is the origin of meat in the can and its contents as a percentage.

The main ingredient is meat, also by-products, dietary supplements such as minerals and vitamins. As the power supply itself is insufficient, therefore, combine with pasta, rice, or often but wrong, with granules. The big plus is, if we go somewhere for a short time and need to feed the dog a few days and we have no possibility to find a butcher or take a freezer with meat for him.

As with pellets, canned food is divided by age and size. Before buying the brand, read the label for what breed and age category is it determined. Cans are also with various kinds of meat - chicken, turkey, beef, fish or a combination of the them. Some already contain pasta, others not.

They must not be immediately in the form of cans, but you will find also finely ground paté or mini-cans.

A "canned food" can be made at home and you know exactly what it contains. We make the following - in a large pot cook meat - cut into smaller pieces pork until the water has proteins and collagen. This meat is from the head or knees of a pork. Something in the way of cooking puddings. Therefore, do not put a lot of water or, conversely, do not insert less. Once the water is ready, take out meat and in the same water cook pasta. When pasta is cooked, give in 1 / 3 cup meat, 1 / 3 noodles and the rest thick soup. Of course the ratio is not given and you can choose your own. Close the cup, as you do with any vegetables or preserves fruit and let it cool its own speed. Over time water thickens and you have your own meat can. They are great if you need to go somewhere just for a few days, the meat will be fresh longer time. Keep cool - respectively not let in direct sunlight or heat source - thickening soup would be melted.

By canned food is in principle important the same as by the granules - first place in the content must be clearly declared source of meat and should be more than 40%. The better canned foods kinds are Applaws, Almo Nature, Porta 21, Schesir, Animonda Gran Carno, ... The middle class are canned foods containing about 30% as in the Hills, Grau ..