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Nutrition of a wolfdog

A healthy growth of a puppy to adulthood that is always in good physical condition indicates Good Nutrtition.  It affects the quality of bone, muscle, coat and the mental development of wolfdog s. Stress from lack of food, may cause disorders in behavior. It is a source of energy and health, which must be tailored to age and dog's way of life. Dog's diet is different from the human, it requires a stage by stage changes.

Canis source of food is from other animals. Their canine teeth is designed to tear meat and swallow it. They do not chew their food. Gastric juice containing 0.5% hydrochloric acid sequence and they kill bacteria. Domestication of the dog to become part omnivore, extended its digestive tube. For carnivores, the ratio of the digestive tube and the body of 4:1, with partial omnivores 5:1-6:1, for comparison, in sheep it is 38:1. Carnivores will eat parts of the plant food and fruit, herbs and a stomach of herbivores, which is partially digested.

All of the following articles of food are focused on Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breed. If you own any other breed, ask your breeder about proper nutrition!

How to feed your wolfdog?

CsW feeding is easy and the dog eats pellets as well as meals prepared at home. Breeders are in this case divided into two groups - the one feeding pellets the other prepared home food. It is up to you to decide, but let's talk about the two groups anf their differences.

Wolf, as one of the ancestors of the domesticated dogs eat meat, herbs and berries, so it's more natural food for CsW. When we can, it is therefore better to feed him natural dog food - meat and side dishes. It is a mistake believing that a dog can be fed vegetables. His digestive system is unable to effectively handle non-protein components such as herbivores. Feeding home prepared diet for your dog is definitely tastier, but it is time consuming, as well as knowledge of dog food contents (vitamins/minerals), and on how to stored this home made dog food.

Feeding pellets is easier, just pour into the dog dish intended dose, which we can mixed with broth or yogurt. But we must be very careful too. Not all commercial dog foods have the same quality. With large breed such as wolfdogs, you have to be doubly careful on the composition and content of individual brand.

Meat should be the base food or the staple food for your wolfdog diet. Like the wolf, tan adult wolfdog can sustain a day or two of fasting. Food does not therefore be exactly balanced each day per milligram, but should be in the long term.

Combinationof  home prepared meals and granulated food can not be recommended. Someone claiming to give a  one day to feed pellets, the next day, home prepared diet. It is a fact that the transition from one type of food to other needs ample time, changing diet everyday will upset your wolfdogs digestive system. Transitions have to be done carefully and slowly, which last from  one to two weeks.

Finally, let your wolfdog choose what he likes and taste best. Be the judge as to what he/she likes best. Every dog ​​is an individual, each taste is something different. Therefore, give your wolfdog the best waht is the suitable diet for him/her.

It is good to offer a wide variety dog ​​food, slowly changing diet as he grows up. It's good to accustom him to granulated food that is great and easy on the trips and also the carnivorous diet, which is still more natural.