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Dogshows with CsW

Dogshows are SPORT, FUN and  SOCIAL EVENT!

The show is not just about the beauty of dogs, but as well a international breeding event, where owners can exchange information and experiences, where they find the course of develop of the breed. Mainly, however, are an opportunity to meet the breeders and see the breed in life. The show is also a place where breeders have the opportunity to present their breed and put it into public awareness.

Separate are judged different breeds, females and males divided by age. The final competitions compare between the winners of every breed, competition for the best breeding group, couple,...

The owner must prepare his dog for this big event. Its not so easy. The dog must stand, behave, show,... Its a hard day, for the owner, so for the dog. The shows in Slovakia are under FCI rules.

What do you need to participate

pedigree - the dog/puppy must be already registred in a breeding book (no puppy cards are allowed on Slovakian shows anymore)

 proper and full registration on one of two online registrations portals or

 pay the entry fee - the Slovak national breeds have a 50% rabatt on Slovakian shows - except the club and special shows.

 proof of vaccination min. 30 days prior to the show and max. 1 year

the judge is juding the dog on the day of the show, so he will not imagine, how the dog looks like in fur or with missing teeth. It dpeends on the behavior of the dog. So you must prepare the dog to stand, behave,... If he will be agressive, shy, the judge will not judge such dog. 

on show can not participate ill dogs

no females in second half of pregnancy or females with fresh puppies

blind or not hearing dogs are disqualified too from CACIB shows