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Class, titles, competentions

It would be pointless to judge all dogs registred on the exhibition at the same time. Exhibitions are divided not only according to breed and sex, but also by age. This determines the class. There are also special classes where age is not important, but whether it is a working dog or champion. The correct age is calculated by age of the dog at the day of show. Even if one day is puppy and the other day juniores. The choosing of class can be also a tactic.

The show is about winning too. Show titles. Not on every show you can get the same title. Depends on its type .

By exhibitions are also competitions, in which you register before, as for the exhibition itself, using the application. It is best couple, or breeders group.  Some are only for the breed winners and are for free, without registration.

But probably the biggest event in the world of exhibitions specially designed for Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are Club show and European show for CsW.

Pocals for the winners on Club show in Nitra, autumn, 2010

Dogshow classes

By application for shows you fill the class in which the dog will competite. Dogs are in classes by age in the day of show. In each class are judged separate females and males, or by championates, training exams,...:

Baby class from 3 months to 6 months  - you can get Very promissing 1 with first place and than competite for BIS Baby.

Puppy class from 6 months to 9 months - you can get Very promissing 1 with first place and than competite for BIS Puppy.

Juniores class from 9 months to 18 months - first class, where you can competite for BOB. The juniores can get title CAJC, but no second place title as res.CAJC exists. The best juniores, with title Junior BOB or when its not given, than CAJC male and female competite in finals for Best of group Junior of FCI 1 and than BIS Junior.

Intermediate class from 15 months to 24 months - if the dog is too old for juniores, but not so mature for open class, you can registre him in this class. The dogs competite for all titles - CAC, CACIB, BOB or BOS.

Open class from 15 months - this is class for every dog, that has no champion title or is too old or has no working certificate, so many dogs are in this class.  The dogs competite for all titles - CAC, CACIB, BOB or BOS.

Working class from 15 months - dogs with working certificate from FCI. Normal class, where the dogs competite for all titles - CAC, CACIB, BOB or BOS.

Champion class from 15 months - dogs with champion title, the best dogs competite in this class, can get CAC, CACIB or BOB, BOS.

Veteran class from 8 years - althought the dog is older age, must be in perfect condition, excellent showed, can have gray fur, but still in excellent shape. Can not get CAC or CACIB, but is competiting for BOB or BOS. In finals competiting for BIS veteran.

Honour class from 15 months - not in compatition, dogs with title International or National champion. No titles awared in this class. Excellent 1 dog can participate in final ring in competition BIS honour class.

The basic division - first males (all classes) and females (all classes):

Follows for every gender class baby, puppy, juniores,...

to classes for adults and veterans.

Dogshow titles and ranking

The aim of the show is rate the exhibited dogs. It consists of a title, respectively only the rate and place from 1 to 4. It may happen that, even if in the class are three dogs, receive no one the title. It is up to the judge.

Rnaking in the ring:

In class baby and puppy

very promising


In the junior class, open, working, winners and champions, veterans


Very good



Titles awared in the breed ring

Class winner - Awared on regional shows. In classes from juniores up to veterans with Excellent 1.

Regional winner - Awared to the best male and female in breed out from classes intermediate up to veterans. Only on regional show.

Junior champion of beauty (CAJC) -  Only in juniores class, separate male and female. The dog is allowed to competite for BOB or BOS. Only a dog awared Excellent 1. There is no such as reserve CAJC. On some doghows allows to competite for the Junior BOB - best of juniores. Allowes also for final competition - Best Junior in show.

Champion of beauty (CAC) -  Awared to male and female in classes intermediate up to champion (not by veterans!). Can be awared only by Excellent 1. If in a class was awared a CAC, can (must not be) be to the second excellent awared as reserve CAC. The CAC allowes to competite in BOB or BOS.

Club winner -
The rules gives the club itself, but mostly given to the best male and best female in breed.

Best In Speciality Show - or the best male and female in breed on Speciality shows.

National winner - Best male and female out of classes intermediate up to veteran on nationals shows.

Best veteran - The class winner in veteran - BOV.

International champion of beauty (CACIB) - Awared only on international dogshows. For male and female out of classes intermediate to champion. The second best get reserve CACIB, where participate all above and the second from class, where the CACIB was awared. On international show only the CACIB is compatiting for BOB or BOS.

Best of breed (BOB) - All males and females with titles CAJC, CAC - if international show competite male and female CACIB and the best of veterans - the veteran with excellent 1. The dog awared by BOB can participate in final competitions.

Best of oposite sex
(BOS) - The dog of the oposite gender as the BOB. So if a male wins a BOB, for BOS competite only females CAJC, CACIB or CAC.



Titles given in final ring - competitions, where you can participate in Slovakia with CsW:

Best of national breeds (BONB) - Only for breeds national to the country, where is the show held, so with CsW in Czech and Slovakia.

Best of group (BOG) - Participate all BOB dogs, by theire FCI goup. The judge chooses the best 3. Only by juniores, they choose only one per group for JBOG. In foreign, the judges choose more.

Best of day (BOD) - Its the same as BIS but only by shows, that are held longer than one day and are so huge.

Best in show (BIS) - Participate all dogs awared by BOG 1. Also a junior BIS is awared, also choosen out of JBOG.

Titles in Slovakia

The titles like CAJC, CAC can be "collected" and in every country you can obtain with diverse number of them the title Champion. The whole rules can be found on

CHAMPION in Slovakia:

Slovakian puppy champion - If the dog gets 3x Very promissing in puppy or baby class.




Slovakian junior champion - If the dog gets 3x CAJC





Slovakian champion of beauty - If the dog gets 4x CAC in two show seasons.




Slovakian grand champion - After confirmation of title Slovakian Champion of beauty get 3x CAC in champion class.




Slovakian show champion - After confirmation of title Slovakian Grand champion get 6x CAC in champion class.




Super grand champion - After confirmation of title Slovakian show champion 4x CAC in champion class.




Champion SKJ - After confirmation of title C.I.B. / C.I.E. 4x CAC in champion class




Slovakian veteran champion - 3x Excellent 1 in veteran class




Slovakian work champion - 3x CACT 




Competenions on dogshows

On dogshows are also organized competitions, in which you must register the same way you register your dog, but on some you can enter without registration, according to the result of your dog at the show. These are a few competitions:

 Junior Handling

Best baby

Best puppy (female and male)

 Best young (female and male)

 Best couple

 Best breeding group

National breeds - BONB

 Winner of honor class

 Best Veteran

 Winner FCI group - Best of Group - BOG

Best in Show - Best in show - BIS

Junior Handling

Junior Handling competition is for young handler, need sign up with application. Prepares future handlers. There are two categories - the younger 9-13 years and older from 14 to 17 years. Judgeing the presentation of dog, the dog itself is not important. The main point is work of the handler, his skills, knowledge. The handlers communication with the dog.

Junior Handling competition, regardless of breed.

Best baby

All puppies that on the day of the exhibition received very promissing 1, regardless of gender. The final competition is not necessary to sign in with application.

Competition for the most beautiful baby - best baby. Preparation (left) in circle, (right) "for real".

Best puppy

Participate all puppies with very promissing 1. The competition is divided into bitches and dogs. The final competition is not necessary to sign in with application.

Best junior

Participate young dogs that have received Excellent 1, CAJC. The final competition is not necessary to sign in with application.

Best brace

It is a couple of dogs of the same breed owned by one owner, sibling relationships is regardless, also age or stud status (each dog must be evaluated on the show). Judged will be the uniformity of couple, sexual expression. Logging in with the application.

Competetion for best couple - wolfdog. Best couple with other breeds.

Best breeders group

Group of 3-5 dogs of same breed and from one breeder, but may not be in his ownership, the requirement is that they were from two or more different fathers or mothers, ie from different litters. Each dog must be judged on the show. Logging in with the application.

Best veteran

Males and females with Excellent 1 from the veteran class, or, if given, the title Best of veterans.

Honour class winner

Males and females with Excellent 1 from the honour class.

National breeds - BONB - Best of national breeds

In Slovak and Czech show, you have the opportunity to participate in national breeds competetion. Slovakia has 4 national breeds. All dogs are in the same ring. Czechoslovakian wolfdog, Čuvač, Kopov and Hrubosrstý stavač. From these, selects the judge a winner. For this final contest is not necessary to log on with an application, just need to be judged in breed.

Group winner - Best of group - BOG

Czechoslovakian wolfdog is in FCI  group 1. So only in this one you can participate and only with title BOB.

Best in show - BIS

Dogs who got Best of Group 1 participate in the very final competition for Best in Show. Mostly have 3 places.