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Walk a CSW


Walking a wolfdog

Big question is, how long is an ideal walk for wolfdog? It is individual and depends mainly on whether we have a puppy or adult dog, and whether we live in an apartment or family house. It should be taken, whether puppy or adult dog, go out for a new actions. No matter where you live. Each dog must learn as much as possible. Then you must not be afraid to go with him to actions with the concern that something scare him. The dog should be walked in the forest, so should know the city, vehicles, loud concerts, ... This means to continue the socialization at a later age than in the "puppy age". Socialization - that is understanding and familiarity with the new - never continues and takes the life long, takes place especially during walks out.
If we have a puppy

If you have a small puppy, a few weeks or a few months old, it is good to go for short walks, but more often. Walking oriented mainly for socializing. Puppy should be walked very often, until they learn the basics of hygiene, it will take a while. Sometimes every two hours or more often. After waking up, eating, after the game. Preferably won those who have a puppy in a family house. But benefits are undoubtedly in the apartment living, the dog has no future problem with noise and close contact with the puppy is secured. Go for a  walk for 10-20 minutes and pay attention to your puppy so it not fears, be calm and do not force him into anything, but not overly relieve him. Leave him exploring the surroundings with our encouragement.

Older dog, some months old, is possible to absolve longer routes, but it is developing joints. We must be careful to not over do it. Activities and walking adapt to its age. In addition to walking for empting, use walks for socializing, in the city, vehicles and so on. Several months old puppy can not tow a bicycle a few miles. Gradually increase the load, but we are trying to effortless movement itself, puppy knows when he has enough, but sometimes in the heat of the game do not realize that "its enough already".

If we have an adult dog

Adult CsW handles several hours a day walking and effort. Rather it hinder people. The dog kept in the apartment needs to go in the morning when you wake up to 30min walk, then short walk before lunch, the afternoon should be a main walk, the dog should be able to run with other dogs, train or just to walk through the forest, city, ... This means min. 2,5 hours. After a long walk the dog can hold until the evening. Before bedtime is suitable 30min walk. Minimum 4 - 5 times the dog should be outside, at least 20 - 30 minutes and one long walk. However, these figures are only approximate, sometimes the weather is like that dog does not want to go outside or you have fever and walks should be reduced and limited. Sometimes the dog rest and ask for walking only twice a day.

The dog kept in the yard walks itself, but daily contact and walking are equally important. If not daily, at least every other day, you take the dog into the forest, run the bike, come up with some interesting program, so he doesn´t get bored. Similarly, run min. 2, hours or just wander around in woods. That a dog is living in the yard and can run itself is wrong. The dog is just bored in the yard, where he everything knows, as well as in the apartment. He needs to get "beyond its territory."

If we live in an apartment
If you live in an apartment, it will be harder with a puppy. Every two hours to go out and walk it. But it also has its advantages. Walking a dog should be colorful, in the city, between the people and the industry, but also to the forest where the dog can run around freely. Needed are 2 to 3 hour walks a day. Although the dog sleeps most of the day, but walking him is great program, even though we only take him on the terrace of an restaurant.
If we live in a family house
If you live in a house, you have the ideal terms of walking the wolfdog. The dog walks himself. Just do not forget that CsW needs more than just a great run. Also needs your company and action. That means have to go beyond the gate of the garden. Take the dog wherever is it possible, take him into town, to shops, run through the woods, fields, the training place, among people. The dog in the yard can be happy in our eyes, running around himself, but CsW is very quickly bored and go to walk without you and this must not be so good.