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Walk a CSW


Walking a wolfdog

Big question is, how long is an ideal walk for wolfdog, when they need so much activities? It is individual and depends mainly on whether we have a puppy or adult dog, and whether we live in an apartment or family house. Its not important, whether we have a puppy or adult dog, go out for a new actions with both. No matter where you live. Each dog must learn as much as possible. Then you must not be afraid to go with him to actions with the fear, that something scares him. The dog should be walked in the forest, so he should know the city, vehicles, loud concerts,... This means to continue the socialization at a later age, not only in the "puppy age". Socialization - that is understanding and familiarity with the new - never continues and takes the life long, takes place especially during walks out. But to tire feets of wolfdog, so he will be happy, is another thing.

What you can do during a walk?

also a short pee pee walk around your house can be used to train 2-3 tricks, another than home surrounding, that the dog do not knows so well, just to fix the commands

if you go to a longer walk, to know new things, with adult or puppy is not important, always have traits with you, so you can ask strangers to give them your dog or just to prise him for good behavior

use every interesting thing on the walk for socialization or as obsticle, that the dog must overcome - fallen tree jump at or over it, climb, walk on it, sit there,... Or any new kind of noice, try to train the dog in such surrounding.

if you go for a longer walk, few hours, find time to sit down, relax, play, pet time.

try by every main walk add something, that the dogs does not know, try to find something interesting, be creative, change your every day path, do not do the same every day

always have a long leash with you (used for nosework), muzzle, pocket for poo and use them! Or have  something reflex for the dog, because of the hunters. Even when you do not use them, its good to have them with you. You never know, where you will go, you never know, if a place will be great for learning something new, but you do not have the necessaries with you.

be always a step before your dog, think about everything, open eyes always. Animals, other dogs, cars, behind something and you do not see them. This can destroy a nice walk.

re-call the dog, even you do not need to call hiim back. He will learn, you call him only when the walk ends, but this is not a good way... So call him back, price, or hide behind a tree. He should find you, search for you and keep an eye on you. Change the dirrection - you show him the way.

We have a puppy

If you have a small puppy, a few weeks old or a few months, it is good to go for short walks, but more often. Walking oriented mainly for socializing. The aim of a walk with a puppy is to tire his head. You can not tire him physically, could have catastrophic impact on his skeleton. This means, you should tire his head with so many times named socialization and by learning new, train the already known.

Puppy should be walked very often, until they learn the basics of hygiene, it will take a while. Sometimes every two hours or more often. After waking up, eating, after the game. Preferably won those, who have a puppy in a family house. But benefits are undoubtedly in the apartment living, the dog has no future problem with loud sounds and close contact with the puppy is secured. Go for a  walk for 10-20 minutes and pay attention to your puppy so it not fears, be calm and do not force him into anything, but not over do it with calm him down. Leave him explore the surroundings with our encouragement.

With older dog, some months old, is possible to absolve longer trips, but remember, it is still developing joints. We must be careful to not over do it. Activities and walking adapt to its age. To walking for empting, add walks for socializing, in the city, vehicles and so on. Several months old puppy can not run behind a bicycle a few miles. Gradually increase the distance, but try to effortless movement, puppy knows when he has enough, but sometimes, in the the game, do not realize that "its enough already".

Small puppy, that you bring home, walk mostly without leash in a place with fence or on light, long leash, so it do not run away and get hit by a car, or runs because its scared of something and we do not have the surrounding under control. Walk him gradualy, show him the surrounding, shorter, but often. Some months old puppy, 4-5months old, take to places with new impulses on leash, but give him also space to run free with other dogs. Walk the dog mostly because of socialization, no extreme hiking, run with bike. Forget it for sure. Young dog, 7-10 months old can be mild used for harder walks. This means also mild long walks. Pay attention mainly to not over do it. If its happens, you will know it by limping of the pupp. Leave him without any long walks for few days, after this time, start with short walks again. Until one year, you can show the dog the bike, but again, only short time. A kilometer is enough for start. After this we can start to add a bit more. Activities for such a dog (up from one year), adpat to his status. We can go to run with bike two times a week for 5-10km for first times. After he has good condition, you can add more. Remember, slowly, individualy.

Keep attention by a puppy for slippery grounds. Feets of such puppy can slipp to sides and can come to an accident or get dysplasy.

We have an adult dog

Adult CsW handles several hours a day walking and effort. Rather it hinder people. The dog kept in an apartment needs to go in the morning when you wake up to 30min walk, then short walk before lunch, the afternoon should be a main walk, the dog should be able to run with other dogs, train or just to walk through the forest, city, ... This means min. 2,5 hours. After a long walk the dog can hold until the evening. Before bedtime is suitable 30min walk. Minimum 4 - 5 times the dog should be outside, at least 20 - 30 minutes and one long walk. However, these figures are only approximate, sometimes the weather is like that dog does not want to go outside or you have fever and walks should be reduced and limited. Sometimes the dog rest and ask for walking only twice a day.

The dog kept in the yard walks himself, but daily contact and walking are equally important. If not daily, at least every other day, take the dog into the forest, to city see people, run with bike, think some interesting program, so he doesn´t get bored. Similarly, run min. 2, hours or just wander around in woods. A dog living in the yard do not needs walk outside is very wrong idea. The dog is bored in the yard, where he knows everything, as well as in the apartment. He needs to get "beyond its territory."

And since an adult CsW can be tired only hardly with running, he should use his mind. Learn tricks, nosework, play with him hide and seek,... Do many diverse activities, where he needs to use his mind. Dogshows, work, training or any sport, add regular visits to city, activities in city, with people or do something interesting, not regular. CsW get really fast bored.

If we live in an apartment
If you live in an apartment, it will be harder with a puppy. Every two hours to go out and walk it and look out, if he does not need to go out. But it also has its advantages. Walking a dog should be colorful, in the city, between the people and the industry, but also to the forest, where the dog can run around freely. Needed are 2 to 3 hour walks a day by an bigger puppy - i do not mean running, but socialization, fun,... By an adult running, work, training his head,.... Although the dog sleeps most of the day, with walking we make him a great program, even though we only take him on the terrace of restaurant.
If we live in a family house
If you live in a house, you have the ideal terms of emptying the wolfdog. The dog empties himself. Just do not forget that CsW needs more than just a great run. Also needs your company and action. That means have to go beyond the gate of the garden. Take the dog wherever is it possible, take him into town, to shops, run through the woods, fields, the training place, among people. The dog in the yard can be happy in our eyes, running around by himself, but CsW is very quickly bored and goes outside your yard without you and this must not be so good. Therefore is it necessary to take the dog outside daily or if not, than every other day, to see new things, run in woods,...