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Malý Bysterec

Welcome to biggiest pages about CsW in the world...

We are a small kennel, specialise on Czechoslovakian wolfdogs since 2010 and own also a hovawart male.
All our dogs are health tested above standard, of excellent exterior, great character and interesting blood!
We feed high quality raw food all our dogs!

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News 2O18

13.03.2018 - Today is the 4th birthday of our "A" Aki puppies - Ankh Ror, Aurorrox, Angstroom a Aadvark!

04.03.2018 - CACIB Graz, Austria. Judge: Muldoon (IRE), Drogo - Very good 1, Casshern - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS!!! Congratulations!

03.03.2018 - There are new ilustrations in part about feeding. Also a new part - How do we feed our dogs - the raw way.

25.02.2018 - The part about breeding corrected, some parts deleted or translated. The basic informations about breeding dogs can be found on internet, so no need to translate them. Now its time only to check some small mistakes and design changes and the pages are updated in english. THERE WILL BE NO MORE translations, only updates in part about kennel.

24.02.2018 - The part about training corrected, some parts deleted. There are tons of texts about training by exams on internet, so no need to write them down here.

23.02.2018 - Great news! Orava Malý Bysterec (Gunner MB x COnnie Vlčí tlapka) is HD free and ED free too!!! Congratulations!

22.02.2018 - Yay! Finaly also the part about education of wolfdogs is revised, updated. Many wrong translates are now corrected and texts updated. Now its time for training part and the last will be breeding.

18.02.2018 - National dogshow Bratislava, judge Matyáš (SR): Drogo - Excellent 3, Ewoka - Very promissing 1, TOP 5 finalists BIS baby!, Barakka - Excellent 2, res.CAC! Congratulations! (on photo Ewoka)

17.02.2018 - Finaly, the part about puppies is online. I highly recommend to read it. I have corrected the texts, something is new there and it will sure help to know a bit more about behave of CsW puppies. Also the part about health is now bit different, describes only the basic DM, DW and HD problem by CsW.

16.02.2018 - Video, where our wolfies can be seen is now online. You can find it on Youtube tu.

11.02.2018 - Show weekend continues on CACIB Nitra. Judge: Jančík (CZ). Today bit worse Tobrok Drogo Tar (juniores) - Excellent 3, Tobrok Caleb Yel (open) - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB!, Tobrok Casshern Yel (open) - Very good 3 (because of movement), Tobrok Cloris Loris Yel (intermediate) - Very good 3, Tobrok Barakka Bor (open) - Very good 3. Thank you all for presentation! Pupps after our males: Obi Wan Malý Bysterec (Gunner x Connie) - Excellent 2, Orava Malý Bysterec (Gunner x Connie) - Excellent 2, Cora z Narcisovej (Amarok x Fju) - ? (on photo Casshera)

10.02.2018 - First this year Slovakian dogshow CACIB Nitra. Judge: Zamoyski (PL). Tobrok Caleb Yel (intermediate) - Excellent 2, Tobrok Convel Yel (intermediate) - Excellent 3, Tobrok Casshern Yel (open) - Excellent 1, CAC (1/3), Tobrok Cloris Loris Yel (intermediate) - Excellent 2, res.CAC, Tobrok Casshera Yel (intermediate) - Excellent 3, Tobrok Barakka Bor (open) - Excellent 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB (2/6). Thank you all for presentation! Pupps after our males Obi Wan Malý Bysterec (Gunner x Connie) - Excellent 3, Orava Malý Bysterec (Gunner x Connie) - Excellent, Cora z Narcisovej (Amarok x Fju) - Excellent 1, CAJC. (on photo Convel and Cloris Loris)

07.02.2018 - Finaly I have finished the Nutrition part!!! It took long time to get to this part, but finaly, all corrections are done, still english words may have mistakes, but Im sure, not so many, as it did until today :) I did add also photos of food, that get our dogs. Whole text here.

06.02.2018 - Even when our Caleb has the terms already done, now we can say officialy, he is puppy champion of Slovakia and Junior Slovakian champion of beauty.

In this season, he will absolve few more shows, but not so many. We plan Nitra in february, Club show and the Slovakian national breeds special show. To continue his adult champion, he will ned CAC from two seasons, so lot of time to go. We will see, when and where the Europenian dogshow will be and think over his registration.

As next, we plan in spring - april - the endurance run SVP. After the run, he will absolve elbow dysplasy test. The vet did forget to do it and recognized it after waking him up from narkosis -_-

The final will be bonitation in august, but I dont think there will be problems, he has great open character and nature and has no faults in exterior.

So, if everything goes well, he will be at end of this year mated to Angstroom. She is DM and DW free, so we must not wait for the results. We plan to mate him also to Akia Tawy, but the DM test will tell us more, since Akia is carrier, so he must be, sure, clear.

04.02.2018 - Emperorra left to Denmark today. They have a houndrets of kilometers before them, I am sure, they will be safe and come home to Harlev. Her sister Ewoka is a huge puppy, now in 4 months 50cm and 16,5kg!

31.01.2018 - I have finished update and corrections in Standard in pictures part. Sooo many mistakes :D But now should be updated and I have add some new photos too.

30.01.2018 - Update in History of the breed!

27.01.2018 - First female from litter "B" after Barbora Tawy and Aimu z Dubničanky, Tobrok Barakka Bor has examed the HD and ED, with the best result. HD A/A and ED 0/0!!! Congrats to owner and thank you. Barakka is prepared for endurance run in spring.

25.01.2018 - Obi Wan Malý Bysterec (Connie Vlčí tlapka x Gunner Malý Bysterec) has also examed the HD and ED, with the best result. HD A/A and ED 0/0!!! Congrats to owners and thank you.

24.01.2018 - First from our litter "D" after Tara Kysucká hviezda and Gunner Malý Bysterec, Tobrok Drogo Tar has now examed hipps. HD A/A and ED 0-0!!!! Congrats to owners and thank you. Drogo is prepared now for the endurance run in spring. 

23.01.2018 - Update and corrections in part about dogshows - Slovakia and showing a wolfdog.

21.01.2018 - I would like to present our new breeding hope. Female Dada z Iduškinej farmy. Parents are ChSR Elektra z Blatnických vinic and JChSR Element of Life Šedý poklad.

20.01.2018 - Our Akia Tawy is 6 years old!

19.01.2018 - Update and corrections in part about health.

18.01.2018 - Update in our kennel informations and about our dogs.

16.01.2018 - The Slovak part is fully updated. Now its up on the english. It may take several days.

14.01.2018 - Yesterday Angstroom, Caleb and Emperorra took part in the clip of rock band Inside to theire new song Stopy slobody. We will sure share the final clip :) For now the photos from set.

13.01.2018 - Today its 8 years, since we are FCI kennel! In this time, whe have bred 5 litters, with 24 puppies. All healthy and happy with theire owners :)

11.01.2018 - Finaly the pocals for our intern competition arrived. Tobrok 2017 and Show Tobrok 2017!!

10.01.2018 - HD and ED absolved two brothers after our Gunner Malý Bysterec Drogo and Obi Wan Malý Bysterec. Barakka also absolved HD and ED. Now we wait for the results. But all seem to be excellent.

09.01.2018 - We plan our breeding plan for 2018. Exterior, pedigree and character excellent litters F, G, H, Ch, I. If everything went good, we cover the litter after Chase Arqeva. We plan litter after our Angstroom with Caleb and her mother Akia Tawy also with Caleb - if his DM is clear. We plan litters after Casshera and Cloris Loris. They both miss the bonitation, made this year. We do not await complications. But its up on the heat of the females.

08.01.2018 - prepared as stud are also very nice brothers from litter "C" our own Caleb, his brother Casshern, in Czech Conall and probably Convel. Are from combination Yelka z Litavské kotliny, female with extreme good character and Baxter Vlčí tlapka, male with excellent exterior. Our Caleb is HD A/A, prepared for bonitation in august. Has great exterior and open character! Casshern, male with bright colors has already HD and ED, both free. Prepared for bonitation this year.

Convel will be only probably prepared for stud terms. Is a huge male, about 70cm already, with nice exterior! Conall lives in Czech, has already all terms, only bonitation this year is missing. Has longer coat, great open character, nice eye.

07.01.2018 - Prepared as stud very perspective male from our breeding Baharak. Is from combination Barbora Tawy (without any progeny in breeding) and Aimu z Dubničanky (also without any progeny in breeding). In exterior nice male, with open character, with nice light eye, dry mouth, excellent angulation. On shows BOB, CAJC, but not showed so much. Soon HD and ED, in spring endurance run and than bonitation.

06.01.2018 - Two dogs after our Gunner Malý Bysterec living in Slovakia. Mother is Agira Vlčí démon. Bojar od Našej Vlčice. On photo left, prepared for endurance run and bonitation this year. His brother is already stud male Bak od Našej Vlčice (photo right). Both great exterior and character. Bojar is presented under our kennel.

05.01.2018 - Im working on slovak part of pages, the english will be under construction soon.

03.01.2018 - There is a new TV show, called "Vlci" (translated as Wolves) and our dogs are in the title song. Barakka, Baharak, Caleb and Casshern. You can see the full version here video.

01.01.2018 - Created news archive for year 2017.


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