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We are a small kennel, we breed Czechoslovakian wolfdogs, hovawart and leonberger.

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News 2O19

05.03.2019 - I have visited Fleaur and Im speachless!!! Perfect baby - superb color, superb bones and top character ♥

28.02.2019 - Sadly, we have recieved not so happy result od DM - degenerative myelopathy by Caleb. He is carrier DM/N. So I can not use him for my Akia. I have already a second choice, but I realy wanted to use him at my own kennels. We think about using him by Angstroom.

26.02.2019 - Because we renovate our home and will have in short time realy only few free time, I will not update the pages so often. Please be patient.

25.02.2019 - The first result from Vetgene is here. Dwarfism - DW - by Caleb. Kali is negative - we already knew, by parentage. More important for us is myelopathy.

24.02.2019 - National dogshow in Bratislava. Drogo took second place with Excellent 2, res.CAC! Congratulations!

16.02.2019 - Her first birthday celebrates our small big girl Lora. I just love the leonberger character and Im realy happy, that we have this breed in our home ♥

14.02.2019 - We will add in short time the profiles of two stud males from our kennel, who will not have own web pages by theire owners. It will be Drago and Casshern.

11.02.2019 - We have sent the blood for DM and DW stest by Caleb. Lets hope for the best.

09.02.2019 - Fleaur has her chip number now and we can let do the pedigree ♥

03.02.2019 - Fleaur has her own album on Rajče.

02.02.2019 - Fleaur absolved control by club of CsW breeders, everything is OK, so we have "green" for chipping and administrative.

01.02.2019 - Tobrok Briseis Bor, not for breeding, but one great male, living in Slovakia ♥

31.01.2019 - Tobrok Betalgea Bor, living in USA ♥

28.01.2019 - Another mating with one of our progeny - Tobrok Conall Yel, a male with great exterior, longer coat, perfect character and free of HD, ED, DM and DW! The brood female is Asma Zara Miracle Mia in Czech kennel Vlčí štestí.

27.01.2019 - 3 x CACIB Nitra with Akkanga Leon eperies and every day a different result.

sunday, judge: Havelka (SVK). Juniores class - Very good 3 (3/5).

saturday 26.01., judge: Shiyan (UA). Juniores class - Excellent 1, CAJC (1/4).

friday 25.01., judge: Vanža (SVK). Juniores class - Excellent 2 (2/4).

24.01.2019 - I have visited Fleaur today, and must say, she is just PERFECT!!! Great open character, great colors and body.

23.01.2019 - Photos of our Fleaur are updated on Facebook and to her album. She is growing and getting great colors. In next days, she will know her future owners and get the control by the breeders club. Than the administrative will start, so she can recieve her pedigree documents.

20.01.2019 - The time will not stop... My little puppy Akia celebrates her 7th birthday already. I wish her minimum 7 another ♥

17.01.2019 - I have finaly the pocals for owners - winners of our intern comepetition Tobrok of year 2018 and Dogshow Tobrok of year 2018 ♥

13.01.2019 - Today we celebrate 9 years of kenel history! We have 6 litters with 25 pupps. All in great shape with perfect owners. Sadly, one - Biryuk died already. We will always remember.

09.01.2019 - Finaly, officialy, two new comming litters after Tobrok Casshern Yel.

ChS Terra Slovakia (SVK), Mária Kajanovičová,, Dam: Hira ArQeVa (CZ)

ChS Strážca divočiny (SVK), Ľuboš Zaremba/Miroslava Čišková, Dam: Alba Strážsca divočiny (SVK)

07.01.2019 - Take a look on our Facebook. I add nearly every day new photos.

02.01.2019 - The termines of special and club show of Slovakian hovawart and leonberger clubs are in our termines callendar.

01.01.2019 - Created news archive for year 2018.


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