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22.12.2021 - We wish you Merry Christmas!

21.12.2021 - The 6th birthday of litter "B".  

11.12.2021 - Our new family member, a leonberger girl Dakkara Leon Eperies, aka. Skye. After Baraka Leon Eperies x Fejo Ager Trifolium. We are over the moon to have another leonberger in our pack!

03.12.2021 - Bonitation of Czechoslovakian wolfdogs, in slovak and also english language on club Youtube.

29.11.2021 - Second birthday of "G" litter!!! Gunner, Gigx, Gotham, Grace, Gattaca, Gamora.

20.10.2021 - Fifth birthday celebration of our "D" litter puppies Daenerys and Drogo.

28.09.2021 - Today celebrate the 4th birthday sisters Ewoka and Emperorra ♥

28.08.2021 - Sisters Harra, Hadja, Haspa celebrate the first birthday! My very special leonberger puppies ♥

13.08.2021 - Now its a year, he is not here, but I miss him every day ♥

10.07.2021 - CACIB Nitra s- Haspa Leeu (leonberger), in juniores as the youngest in competition - excellent 3.

28.06.2021 - Amarok Saint Barbarons is the father of litter "D" Cicesbeo and has now prooven it by DNA. His DNA is stored in Laboklin laboratory.

27.06.2021 - Tobrok Gamora Cass - ED 0-0 and HD A/C. She lives in France, where this results allows to be used in breeding.

30.05.2021 - Akkanga is not pregnant, we did the vet check on 28.05., but she was empty. We are very sorry :/

13.05.2021 - Fifth birthday of our "C" litter - Casshera, Casshern, Caritas, Convel, Conall, Cor Fortis and Caleb!

08.05.2021 - About a month ago took place mating between our C.I.E. Amarok Saint Barbarons and Carmen Cassie Cicesbeo. Pregnancy confirmed! Around 10.06.2021 should be the litter "D" Cicesbeo born in Slovakia.

30.04.2021 - We mated Akkanga! More info soon. If any puppies will be for sale, we allow reservation from 8th week. For sale in 10 weeks after litter control.

29.04.2021 - Already in few days, will be my publication about Czechoslovakian wolfdogs available in english and german language! The price is 10 € plus shipping and if you are interested, please contact me at

28.04.2021 - Our Amarok Saint Barbaons celebrates his 7th birthday! ♥

15.04.2021 - Our Akkanga Leon eperies started her heat. We plan a litter of Leonbergers!

14.04.2021 - IMPORTANT! From today, the pages about Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are deleted! Sadly, but we move forward. Also, I publish on monday a book about Czechoslovakian wolfdogs (in slovak language), so this is some kind of farewell from me, to wolfdogs. The brochure will inform about handling of puppy until adulthood, inform about character of the breed and also, how fulfill slovakian stud terms. It will be without illustrations, only pure text, many infos on 76 pages in A5 format. As second thing, YES there will be also illustrated book about CsW from me, with standard illustrations and the like, but the deadline is end of this year. It will come in slovak language and Im deeply thinking also about making the small brochure in english until end of this year. If it will happen, I will inform. If you might be interested in the brochure, please write me at, so I know, people support this idea :)

08.04.2021 - All my publications at once ♥


07.04.2021 - From today, its possible to buy Evidence documents, that i have written (in Slovak language), to make notes about your stud male or brood female.


18.03.2021 - From today, its possible to buy Evidence documents, that i have written (in Slovak language), to make notes about puppies in their new homes - results, breeding status and more!

17.03.2021 - From today, its possible to buy Evidence documents, that i have written (in Slovak language), to make notes about current litter!

13.03.2021 - Puppies from litter "A" are today 7 years old!!!

28.02.2021 - As the face of Slavcon Drogo (Gunner x Tara) and Obi Wan Malý Bysterec (Gunner x Connie).

23.02.2021 - I write this a long time after it happened, but still it hurts so much. Today, my Akia left. I have no words, I can not write anything more about it, but only one thing - she is now up there with my Gunner and both run free ♥

16.02.2021 - Lora celebrates her birthday today! She is 3 years old our big girl!

20.01.2021 - Akia celebrates her 9th birthday!

13.01.2021 - Today we celebrate the day, we got our FCI kennel name. Its already 11 years!

03.01.2021 - The pre-reservations for season 2021 are open. Breed Leonberger for summer. Breed Czechoslovakian wolfdog for end of summer, begin of fall. More info here.

02.01.2021 - Our intern competition for year 2020 is closed and sadly, because of covid, we have decided to reward only first places in both cathegories. Both took our great Drogo, son of my beloved Gunner Malý Bysterec.

Tobrok of year 2020 and Dogshow Tobrok of year 2020

1st. place Tobrok Drogo Tar "Drago"
(Tara Kysucká hviezda x Gunner Malý Bysterec)
: Barbora Panáková, Bratislava, Slovakia

01.01.2021 - Created news archive for year 2020.


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