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31.12.2020 - Dear year 2020 go away now and never come back! What else should i say about this terrible year... I hope, next year we can finaly meet on a dogshow or any other meeting, make great litters again and continue our hard breeders work.

26.12.2020 - Today celebrates 2nd birthday our one and only Fleaur ♥ (Tobrok Angstroom Aki x Tobrok Casshern Yel). I do not have many actual photos of her, but lately i did post two videos of this crazy monkey on our Facebook, go and have a look :)


24.12.2020 - Merry Christmas to everyone!


14.12.2020 - Lora is in heat. So we can calculate, that her next heat will be in about 5 months, that means, we plan Leonberger puppies for middle 2021.

22.11.2020 - In this moment we are more active on Facebook, were you can find nearly every day new photos.

23.10.2020 - All girls are now in new homes and we start to plan another litter for next year.

20.10.2020 - Our puppy pack for litter H.


20.10.2020 - Daenerys a Drogo (ČsV - Gunner x Tara), oslavujú dnes 4té narodeniny. Doreah ich bohužiaľ nedožil.

19.10.2020 - All puppies reserved. Please inform about next litters.

18.10.2020 - Tobrok Gamora Cass - DM clear, DW clear, FGF5 (long hair gene) clear, MDR1 normal.

13.10.2020 - Litter control by club of breeders is also done!

12.10.2020 - Our pupps got vaccinations and are microchipped.

07.10.2020 - Our puppies in 6 weeks.


Tobrok Hexa Leeu

Tobrok Hébe Leeu

Tobrok Haspa Leeu

Tobrok Harwen Leeu

Tobrok Harra Leeu

Tobrok Hadja Leeu

05.10.2020 - The endurance exam was on 03.10.2020 in Šamorín, Slovakia and Tobrok Ewoka Tar started at SVP 1 (40km) finished with time 3:13 so with result excellent. Congratulations and thank you to the owners!

28.09.2020 - Happy 3th B-day to our girls from litter "E" Ewoka and Emperorra!

26.09.2020 - As you can sure see, we have a lot to do, so the pages will be updated later, but our FB is updated daily!

22.09.2020 - Due to very complicated health problem by puppy Hora, we decided with our vet, its better to let the puppy go and she was put to sleep. Sleep well my beloved girl ♥ We will miss you so much!

10.09.2020 - Puppies and theire mom are dewormed. All developing great and in full health!

03.09.2020 - Pupps are one week old and have now names: Harwen, Hébe, Hora, Harra, Hexa, Hadja a Haspa all with Leeu. Photos on our Facebook.

28.08.2020 - Today is a big day, first litter of breed Leonberger in our kennel ♥♥♥ Mom did a great job and now we have 7 beautifull females. Photos on our FB.

23.08.2020 - CACIB Bratislava - Drogo (Gunner x Tara) got his last CAC to obtain title Slovakian beauty champion. Congrats and many thanks to the owner!

13.08.2020 - FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS!!! Gunner Malý Bystrec 28.11.2006-13.08.2020

10.08.2020 - Special and club show for Czechoslovakian wolfdogs in SLovakia, Dolný Kubín 07.08 and 08.08.2020, from our kennel Tobrok Drogo Tar got - Excellent 1 CAC and Excellent 2, res.CAC. Congratulations!

31.07.2020 - From the birth of our litter "G" (Czechoslovakian wolfdog) passed 8 months and due to the closed borders our first reserved boy Gunner left us as last. He traveled safe to Moscow, Russia to his super owners ♥

25.07.2020 - Today we have absolved sono confirmation of pregnancy. The result is, Lora is pregnant and puppies are due in end august. We take reservations for Leonberger males and females for this litter.

16.07.2020 - The Slovak part is already changed in new face, now the english part. Hope you will like it, as i do!
- From today, you can write us on two emails and

04.07.2020 - We already showed on Facebook our new logo. I did think about this a longer time and also, what should i put in it. In the end, minimalism won. In next days, the pages will be overdone in this style too. Also the banner did change and Im happy, that it shows all our important points for breeding of Leonbergers - they nature, beauty and strong health.

30.06.2020 - In FIT style, you can find a text about Drogo (Gunner x Tara) and his owner. They active run together also on competitions, doing great job!


29.06.2020 - Lets cross fingers, mating is done and weawait for the good news.

16.06.2020 - Lora is in heat! We plan our trip to Czech for mating with Amaty ♥

Mating: summer 2020


Mother: Akkanga Leon Eperies
Eldar Druhá šance x Frida Fiona Goldenleon
(HD A/A, ED 0-0, LEMP N/N, LPN1,2 N/N, eyes clear, 73cm/55kg)


Father: Amaty Leotracks

Forest Skipper's Don Fortuna x Ann's Lions Red Door

(HD A/A, ED 0-0, LEMP N/N, LPN1,2 N/N, 73cm/67kg)


Our Lora is strong in health, has perfect bones, high, dark pigment and eyes and excellent character! I have found a male in Czech, that I would like to use. Nice colored, great in character... We are using an interesting blood for next breeding!

07.06.2020 - All kennel informations are updated and focused now on Leonbergers.

05.06.2020 - In short time our pages will tranform a bit. As our breedeing changes, so change our pages too... So some parts will be deleted, shorted or oriented on the breed Leonberger.

13.05.2020 - Our litter "C" celebrates its 4th birthday!

09.05.2020 - I have realy taken some time to think about this and now, Im sure. Akia Tawy and Tobrok Angstroom Aki will both not have any litters in future. So the litter "G" was (probably) our last Czechoslovakian litter. MAYBE we will cover the litter of Casshera in future (mother of "G" litter), but Im realy not counting with this. We will focus now only on the breed Leonberger. So, no more litters of CsW at us. If you need advice for a good and responsible breeder or looking for a good combination or just want to ask about the breed, you are welcome! But no more pupps of CsW.

07.05.2020 - This is HIM - the planned father of our next litter and the first litter of Leonbergers in our kennel. Amaty Leotracks, living in Czech republic. On photo Amaty ♥

28.04.2020 - Sixth birthday celebrates our Hovawart Leon!

08.04.2020 - Gigx left in his new forewerhome few days ago, he stays in Slovakia! ♥

30.03.2020 - Grace left in her new forewerhome, she stays in Slovakia! ♥

21.03.2020 - All pupps from litter "G" have owners. We plan another litter, but of Leonbergers. Litter of CsW is questionable.

17.03.2020 - Our Akkanga Leon Eperies, the Leonberger girl. Mom to our planned litter "H". If you are interested, please contact me. We plan the litter in summer. Great character, open and social. The planned father is from foreign, so the pupps will be interesting also for next breeding. Helth tests also above the standard!

16.03.2020 - We search for home for our last puppy from "G" litter. GIGX. Very social male, friendly and suitable for family with children. Very kind, open, perfect character!

13.03.2020 - Our puppies "A" celebrate 6th birthday!!!

06.03.2020 - We have results from EMBARK laboratory for Gunner Malý Bysterec and his test:

B locus - BB - clear

D locus - clear

FGF5 (long coat) - clear.

03.03.2020 - Working dog of Czechoslovakian wolfdog club of the year 2019. Second place to our Gunner Malý Bysterec son Obi Wan Malý Bysterec and third place to also his son Tobrok Drogo Tar. Congratulations!

01.02.2020 - First puppy left to her new foreverhome. Gattaca will live in East Slovakia.

25.01.2020 - CACIB Nitra. Akkanga Leon eperies - Excellent 2, res.CAC. We need one CAC more for Slovakian champion.

24.01.2020 - CACIB Nitra. Akkanga Leon eperies - Excellent 2, without title.

23.01.2020 - CACIB Nitra. Akkanga Leon eperies - Excellent 1, CAC and CACIB

22.01.2020 - Few photos of free pupps

Gattaca - she has soooo bright colors! Very feminine head, she has absolutely friendly and open character, even for family with children.


Grace - smaller very feminine girl, with lot of coat, open character, happy and in good mood every day.

Gigx - free male with great bright head, small ears, open and friendly character.


21.01.2020 - The pupps know theire owners now! Gunner goeas to Russia, Gotham to Germany, Gamora will travel to France. Other pupps are free for reservation.



20.01.2020 - My belowed Akia is 8 years old today!

14.01.2020 - For this year, our TOP TOBROK dogs and theire owners will get rossetes ♥

13.01.2019 - Today we celebrate 10 ears of or kennel name ♥

12.01.2019 - National dogshow in BRno, Czech. Akkanga Leon eperies in competition of 5 another females in intermedia class - Excellent 2, res.CAC!!! What a day!

09.01.2019 - Our intern competition for our progeny and its winners for every year is closed for year 2019. Our kennel price our progeny and theire owners for what they do. We have two internal competitions.

Tobrok of the year - for those, who participate in trianing, breeding terms, do exams, tests of health, represent our kennel or the breed in media, photoshoots,...

Show Tobrok of the year - for all those who do dogshows, Slovakia and outside too.

For every result we give them points and the best get a price. The point principles are only shown to our owners. Every year are priced first 3 places. The owners recieve pocals or medals.

Tobrok of the year 2019

1. place Tobrok Drogo Tar "Drago"
(Tara Kysucká hviezda x Gunner Malý Bysterec)
owner: Barbora Panáková, Bratislava,
2. place Tobrok Ewoka Tar "Reika"
(Tara Kysucká hviezda x Amur Kalinovská svorka - Gero)
Jana Furicová, Liptovská Anna, Slovakia
3. place Tobrok Caleb Yel "Kali"
(Yelka z Litavské kotliny x Baxter Vlčí tlapka)
: Tobrok FCI + Ľubica Lokšová, Beša, Slovakia

Dogshow Tobrok of the year 2019

1. place Tobrok Casshern Yel "Bax"
(Yelka z Litavské kotliny x Baxter Vlčí tlapka)
Branislav Rácek, Bánov, Slovakia
2. place Tobrok Drogo Tar "Drago"
(Tara Kysucká hviezda x Gunner Malý Bysterec)
owner: Barbora Panáková, Bratislava,
3. place Tobrok Caleb Yel "Kali"
(Yelka z Litavské kotliny x Baxter Vlčí tlapka)
: Tobrok FCI + Ľubica Lokšová, Beša, Slovakia

04.01.2019 - I had visited today the pupps and met some new owners! What a nice day with super people! Up in the line are Gothem, Gigx and Gunner, all reserved. Down is Gamora (reserved) Grace and Gattaca. Both free for reservation, but I prefer Slovakia and Czech.

01.01.2020 - Created news archive for year 2019.


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