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Tara Kysucká hviezda "Tara"

Basic informations Czechoslovakian wolfdog
Date of birth: 21.11.2011
Death: 04.11.2019
Sex: female
Mother: Jess spod Ďumbiera (SVK)
Father: Arimminum Prinz Drakon (CZ-IT)


Tibor + Sylvia Horvath, Veľký Kýr
Breeding Brood female
Registration: SPKP 3177
DNA profile: áno
Youth presentation: not absolved (dirrectly bonitation)
Bonitation: As E1 Of R1 P1/60 - SK chovná
Training: SVP 1
Dog show titles: 2 x Excellent
Hip displasy: A (0/0)
Ellbow displasy: 0-1
Degenerative myelopathy: N/DM carrier -  Slovgen
Dwarfism: N/N clear of the mutation - Vetgene
About  Tara

Tara began her life bit sadly, in her first family they wanted to put her down. Kennel Tasha took Tara, made a brood female out of her and had 2 nice litters. She is great mom. Sadly, she was not suitable to live in a pack of big dogs, so she was looking for new home again. Finaly, she found great owners near Nitra and we had the chance to mate her last litters under our name. She is nice female, great character as her puppies are interesting in looks.


Mother Jess spod Ďumbiera, father Arimminum Prinz Drakon (photo:


Tara lived in kennel Tasha, where is has had two litters with two different males. She had her third and fourth litter under our kennel. Both very nice ballanced.

For more informations about the litter, please click on the fathers photo (only litters in tobrok are online)

2017 "E" Tobrok

Father: Amur Kalinovská svorka - Gero (CZ-SVK)

Date of mating: 23.07.2017

Date of birth: 28.09.2017

Females: 2     

Males: 0

2016 "D" Tobrok

Father: Gunner Malý Bysterec (SVK)

Date of mating: 18.08.2016

Date of birth: 20.10.2016

Females: 1     

Males: 2

2015 "F" Tasha

Father: GCh SR Ares Karpatská svorka (SVK)

Date of mating: ?

Date of birth: 23.12.2015

Females: 2     

Males: 0

2014 "E" Tasha

Father: GCh SR Ir OSkár Dór (SVK)

Date of mating: ?

Date of birth: 11.11.2014

Females: 3     

Males: 2