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Tracking training

Trackting is the "top" royal discipline for the wolfdog. In tracking perhaps knows no competition. If you enjoy working in the field, you have a sense of direction is tracking activity for you. To this must lead dog as in other disciplines, since small puppy. Wolfdogs generally find fun in tracking, but with a different meaning - tracking animals. You must be the one who turns this feature and learn the benefits, track tread or found objects. Track is considered one of the toughest training skills by the dog at all.

Track is the scent track left behind a person on the ground, wild animals, thing after touching the surface. Tread person is the one who leaves his scent on the ground under some rules. Treads indicates the point of beginning of trace and by refraction the change, turn of walking into a certain angle.

To work on the trail need a minimum of 10 meters long tracking guide, subject that the dog searchs, tread pin (marking the beginning of the track), bonuses (aport - as a form of treat) and possibly a notebook to mark a trail.

Please make familiar yourself with theories of training in your own language.

Kinds of tracks and angles

By origin of smell: Self (handlers) or foreign (helpers)

By age: fresh (within 1 hour), normal (1-3 hours), old, the cooled (over 3 hours)

By ground surface: grass, plowed, stubble, sand, forest, edge of communications, mixed (combination)

According to the shape of the track: straight, angled 1 (shape of the letter "L"), 2x angled ("U" or "Z"), multi-angled, sharp folds, bend, etc..

By the length of the track - in steps

By number of subjects

Shapes of tracks (z - start, p - the subject)


Smell, which follows the dog on the trail is the sum of several odors: a personal scent of man, the general smell of humans and associated odors.

Personal smell of man is a mixture of individual and regional smell with particles of skin. Individual smell is very specific to each person. Regional smell is a mixture of odors from different parts of the body like the smell of the head, armpits, around the genitals,... Skin peeling particles are formed from "dead" skin. General smell of human odor is a summary of use of soaps, perfumes, home environment, workplace, clothing, footwear, ... Associated smells all odors arising from a breach of soil structure, plants and animals.

Conditions at work at track - scent affects:

how old is the track

air temperature




 soil structure, vegetation, soil properties

Working on track

Work without stereotype

Unlike other disciplines of training, tracks are perhaps the most variable. We do not need help, and when we have a dog which traces really enjoys, we can think of traces without limitation, quarries or shape. Crossings a road can your dog handle, but always passed this obstacle and continue straight on. Let us therefore make the track zig - zag across the road. Interesting is the passage through an object. You can also take advantage of extreme weather, rain, storm, sun, wind, fog ... Extreme frosts not. We stop at an object, eg. the car or a wall. The dog should make it clear that the trace ends.