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A puppy of any breed is adorable. Even a small woldfog is cute. But the fun ends when he starts to bite, destroy, howl, when you need to really care about it. After picking up from the breeder, you become the puppy's substitute mother, leader of the pack and his only family. It is wholly dependent on you, and he will also search for his position in the family.

Picking up day of the wolfdog puppy is about 6,5-7 weeks, sometimes earlier (ideal is 7-8 weeks and the club term is min.age of 49 days). NOTE: in some countries the pupp must be 120 days old for import! This is honestly bit late and we talk about this topic later in this part. It is a period of socialization, which is a basis of the whole life with his new owner. For a peaceful future, your relationship has to be that of alpha and omega. Socialization of the wolfdog in short is getting him prepared for everything that awaits him in life, how to behave, and what not to be afraid of. More about socializing here.

You can not close the puppy in the garden and let it just grow by itself. He must explore the world, animals, people. It is good to participate in training, in events such as exhibitions, bonitations, training camps, or meeting friends and owners of CSW (even only to look, not participate). You can find the upcoming meetings and events here. Do not isolate your dog, but show him the world.

For the puppy we must have at home prepared food, toys, dishes, equipment and a safe place for sleeping. We should already select a veterinarian, before bringing the puppy home, which we will go to for vaccination and health checks, a training place where the dog will work, train or socialize. You should not hit the dog, punish him or yell at him; the puppy is still learning how to behave right. Choose the positive way of learning, motivate him do do things we want and avoid situations where you will be forced to punish him. IF the pup already did something bad – e.g. destroyed something, choose the correct form of punishment. It is important that the consequences come right after or during the bad behavior, not an hour after it. We punish with deep voice, ignoration of his presence, take away his toys or do not allow to sleep on couch,... If possible, to not punish by hit the dog. CsW is a very sensitive dog; "firm hand", which is mentioned in any dog breed atlas only means that you are consistent and know what your options are; you need to be determined and strict in correcting bad or inappropriate behavior, but at the same time patient and fair in your approach. However, you can not give the puppy unlimited space. Education is the foundation of satisfied coexistence. You must lead the puppy, encourage him in a way that will make him want to please you, motivate him to do what you want him to do - positive leadership is the way to go, voice intonance and a full package of yummies can’t hurt, either ;) .

Remember "with tone in your voice and food, you can get a CsW puppy to do nearly everything!"

In puberty, training becomes more difficult, especially with males; adolescence and hormones turn the puppy into a monster (although the teeth and bites in puppy age is also a beasty thing ...). This period is important and do not lose sight of training and education. Remember, you can see a huuuge difference in puppies that were in training from a young age (those who started going to a training place and learning how to work right after vaccinations, so after 3 months of age). Those PUPPIES are REALLY better, they obey, cooperate. I can not stress it enough, that the owner must go to a training place with the puppy. Do not wait, do not postpote or make excuses for why you can‘t... Before the puppy turns one year at the latest, go to a training school with your puppy, and you will have one great, balanced dog as an adult!

Your dog may want to improve his position in the pack, and therefore it is necessary to show him exactly what he can do and what not, keep the rules clear and insist on them being respected. Everytime, everywhere, from every family member and also from your visitors. In some dogs, you may not notice the puberty. It depends on the individual. In this age, the females go into their first heat. The hard times begin - visits from many males, and the female will try to escape (although some females start their first heat at a later age of 1,5-2 years).

Even before the arrival of your puppy at home, you should know the basics of puppy training, know how to keep a dog, how to explain what is allowed and what is not, and then our life will be easier. Forget the information from "so-called trainers and breeders" who tell you that wolfdogs are good-for-nothing dogs, and usually always will be. It may not be a labrador or shepherd, but try to do the most you can, and it will be a great woldfog!

And finally, an important note to keep in mind - we can have puppies after excellent and good parents, but we are educating them ourselves. Whether the dog ends up successful at the exhibition, exams, or even if he will just walk with us in the mountains, it depends on your effort and his talent.