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Socialization is in the life of every breed and by wolfdog twice, the base of peaceful coexistence. Every dog owner, it is clear, that if the puppy will be not well-fed, he must expect in the future health problems. So socialization from an early age, will prepare your puppy for future situations, which will be not afraid of and not have problem with, like fireworks or traveling with the bus. Because this is what socialization is about, to prepare a dog for all situation, that in the future can occur and what should not be scared of, and how to react properly.

Puppy is getting to know his own kind...

Puppy in the "normal" situation, learns many new - children, quick movements, screaming, other dogs ...

When is starting - ending period of socialization?

It is a period between 6 - 7 weeks to 10th - 12 week of puppy age. But that does not mean older dog does not need new stimulations. Conversely, add complexity to the stimulations with the age. Smaller puppies already have a foundation from breeder. He is connection with the world of people and puppies take it as an equal. Breeder should let the pupps from around 3 weeks explore more people and build a "ground" for you, the new owner. Breeder certainly has friends who will surely be glad to help - visits by strangers, is many times more effective, than if the breeder was with puppies continuously, but alone.

For socialization is it never too late and it never ends.

How the owner continues?

When you bring a dog into a new surrounding from breeder, let it adapt to you and create a positive relationship with him, which will help support the puppy in unfamiliar situations. Puppy is settled very quickly, because you replaced his mother. After some time - usually a few days, your puppy gets used to you, family, new home territory. Then is the best time to go out for new initiatives. Walks should be shorter and progressive - we do not want a dog physically or mentally overload.

How to socialize?

In this period it is necessary, that the dog gets to know as much stimuli as he can, that can encounter in his life. So not only beautiful Tatra mountains, but also street traffic, other dogs and people.

Lack of socialization - or none, cause, that the dog will be scared, it may be aggressive. For the dog owner a disaster. Errors in socialization are removed very difficult for a beginner and this dog may be too big piece of cake for such person.

Also socialization can be overdone. Yes, extremes are not OK in any way. So, if the puppy wants to sleep or have peace, do not push him to contact with people, animals or situations. Search for situations naturaly, shorter, when the puppy is fresh, full of energy, ready for actions. Also overdone socialization can harm and the dog may have problems in adult. He will react on people shy or aggressive, because he had not time for himself and sleep, when he wanted, but was pushed to know new people.

What is "good" for socialization?

Many dog owners think, that if a dog lives in private area without any neighbors or in a family house, do not need socialization such as a dog in the city. It's a big mistake. Just because the dog needs to know the stimuli for him unusual, to develop his psyche. The city certainly has many things, that we should show the puppy and we have a short time for it. If you have a dog in an apartment, there are certainly other sounds and situations as in the garden, among animals. Each wolfdog must have access to family and the house!

Puppies should by shown:

its own territory, the house where you live and where you can spend the time with him (do not show him  only the pen, or the hallway of the house and you will be in the living room - wolfdog will need your presence all his life!)

 loud objects such as blender, TV, radio, phone ringing

 cars passing by, standing, a dog placed in a stationary car, and then finally moving car

 fireworks, thunderstorms, pistol shots

 but such a walk in the rain, fog, night after dark, the during not nice weather - if the dog lives outside will have no problems, but a dog living in apartment may have a fear of thunder

 pool, in older age shallow water, thus preparing for a swim later

 people walking alone on the street, in the group, many people at an event, noisy people

 children playing, screaming, running, and especially those who want to pet a dog, a kindergarten, school

 cyclist and bicycle, if you want to take the dog for a walk on a bike, the dog running next to you, runners, people in wheelchairs, old people, with luggage, scooters, strollers

other dogs (you know, and which can play gently), dog, that must be ignored, barking dogs behind the gate, a group of dogs where they can play, but where will be not the winner - dogs which show him that is not the highest in the pack...

buses and travel in them, train and travel in it, trucks, lorries, trams going around

 preparation for placement in a safety cage in the car, in aircraft, pens

 not just walk through the woods, but also on the street, the pedestrian zone, shopping malls, waiting on a bus stop

 escalators, stairs, elevators

 other animals in the zoo, chickens and deer, pheasants (which is not for hunting, and therefore their ignorance), sheep, goats, horses, ...

 large objects such as containers, carousel with loud music and screaming people, ... lights, swings, playground playing with the children eg. football, ...

restaurants with outdoor seating, so people who eat, street musicians, people on music event outside the city, performances

loud work in the city - breakers, mixers, fire trucks, rescue, or police siren running

 visit by you, laughing people, smokers and the smoke of cigarettes, people with glasses, with thick hair, both men and women, fat and slim,...

 and of course touching the dog and manipulation, not just stroking but also visit the vet and from strangers, dental examination, the testicles by males

 ... and many other. With some, too banal, dog may never have a problem, on the contrary, shy puppy may have a fear of sudden hand movement... It is only up your imagination and initiative, what you show your puppy.

Remember, that the more you show the puppy in his youth, so will be more balanced as an adult and there will be not a problem to take the dog from the village, to the centre of city and go with him on the bus or to a dogshow ... Also, if in young age puppy meet with cats will not hurt them, will be able to accept dogs, if he has been allowed to meet with them and play in the socialization period.

However, it is necessary to do everything gradually. Gradual short walk is ideal. Take a puppy 2 - 3 times for stimuli outside the yard. Begin at your yard, walk him more and more meters from your ground away. If you have a house and neighbors do it gradually so the pupp isn´t scared by a passing car, aggressive dogs... We can take it on hands while walking, by interesting thing put him on the ground, take a break and play with him. It is best, if your puppy falls asleep in a strong incentive - it is a sign that it is OK with it. But do not be surprised if a he can handle a object a month and then it is  scared one day. Gradually come again to the acceptance of the initiative. By strong stimuli don´t forget to think about the headless puppy escape - it is recommended to be on a leash especially when traveling or on busy places, that there is not coming to an accident.

What if the dog was by socialization scared?

It may happen, that the puppy, but also an young dog is scared by some new sounds or objects. It is important, especially from you not to panic. If you are stressed, your puppy's senses it and will stress the more. So first of all, calm down and then show the pupp, that's the noise or object of its fear is completely normal. If its more not self confident, not fear, with a smile, laughing, go closer to the object, tap on it, show puppy, it's not killing him and give him a treat for good behaving.

We encourage him. But be careful not to reward the puppie when is afraid, crouching, trying to escape. You reward him for fear!!! Rather reward threw to the subject of fear, to get it by himself, sit down at the level of the dog, leave the leash free, not tightened, it increases stress, turn to the thing that causes stress with your back and ignore both the dog and the object. You do not have to "talk" a lot to the puppy. Being calm, almost cool is more than just blabbering all the time. The puppy is not hearing to you so much, is under stress. Tell him a few words, praise him, verbally, for approaching the object, but everything reasonable and not over do it.

In any case, do not take your puppy on your hands, and we regret the over-reaction type "Good Lord, my little sweetie!". DO not run away from the object. Even a child when he fell, we do not regret. If we regret him, he would cry more. Also puppy calm down nice and friendly tone, more joyful, that we have discovered something wonderful and new, and are showing great interest in the new object.

If the object is on a fixed location, we can choose the tactics step by step as if by "accident". Alternatively, we can stop at various distances, to play with the dog and gradually decrease the distance. Never, however, take him with violence to the object of stress! Socialization should be nice and progressive, with time and age of puppy higher and higher the level. Do not try to show your puppy everything at once, we'll gradually show him more and discover by yourself, how much is enough for your pupp. Do not leave the subject which the dog is scared of, immediately or too fast. Wait until the dog calm down and then slowly move away with a calm step.