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Before you buy a Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Already at the very beginning of your path to ownership of Czechoslovakian wolfdog breed, the question arises, whether you choosed the right breed. The organization FCI registers hundreds of breeds and everyone likes something different and for everyone is suitable something else. Wolfdogs are undoubtedly beautiful animals, full of elegance and are definitely children of nature. It is important to ask whether we can let such a breed be so, as he was bred (and what the creators failed to suppress) and give him all our love and attention it needs, or whether it will be only the decoration of the house, or an image enhancement, which we want to attract attention. We must think about our possibilities, not only today, but also in future. Will you have so much time years? Wolfdogs need your time whole life.

Wolfdogs are pack animals, have their requirements and do not act as other breeds. You don´t get a dog, but half-wolf (in some meaning). His education and training is not impossible, but difficult and an obstacle if you're not willing to learn something and spent with the dog a few hours a day, his whole life.

To what conditions?

Wolfdog is not demanding on living conditions of its owner. Whether you live in a village with a large garden or in a block of flatsin the city. Best place for him is where is his master and that is the basis for coexistence. It is important the time spend together, more than the size of the garden, where he will be alone.

Dogs living in flats or allowed to be in house with family are in this way much happier than dogs living alone in garden in a pen... The dog must have plenty of exercise daily, for at least one two or three-hour walk and several smaller, shorter and must use energy per mental work. Either weekly visit practice area and any other sport and mental activity, where it discharges its energy. The dog is not tired after a few hours running the woods, he lies down, sleep for an hour and is ready for further action. It must be primarily tired intellectually, use his energy rather with thinking than working with body.

Can not remain long alone and free, because the neighbors might not be happy about hours of crying and call his family, destroying. A safe pen or run is necessary. Even you do not have the pleasure of doors scratched and damaged carpets, flowers. Nor a call from police or shelter, your dog is running somewhere in the city, he was hit by a car, shoot by a hunter, killed a dog,...

Caring for your puppy in an apartment in the block is very difficult. After experience with selling this breed in flat, we do not sell puppies into flat anymore! Its not impossible, but amount of people, who can handle this, is only few and we do not risk the return of a puppy with issues. In a flat count every three hours (as well as every half hour) a walk, night and day, at least a couple of weeks... If you have garden, you have it much easier ... Its better to get a cage for flat living, where the dog or puppy will be closed, when you are away, for its safety - bite the cabelage is the fun no.1 and it must not end well. But the cage is necessary, but not a place for a puppy for 8 hours!

The ideal is obviously, house with a garden and free run, where the dog will have its own territory. But that does not mean, that if a dog has a garden, he must not to go out and explore the world and the main point, may not be separated from the family. Wolfdog is sturdy, does not matter higher temperatures or very cold (prefers cold), but you must have a well lockable pen (wolfdogs are masters of escapes). The dog is part of the pack and must live with it, not look at it from a locked pen... Also think about the neighbors - they must not like everyday and every night howling and think about quality of your fence, dogs might bite it or jump over it, in this mining are they like huskies,.... The fence and pen must be prepared BEFORE you get your puppy. Learn to stay in a pen for an adult dog is realy hard, you will be nervous, because of howling, crying and try to escape. He may try to escape, even when hurt himself and in minute, he finds out, it is possible to escape, it will be nearly impossible to handle it.

Pros and cons of keeping in flat
close contact with the owner

socialization is much deeper

more activities in city, with other people

such dogs are quite more obeing










crying and howling is much more to hear for neighbors and that can lead to ultimate - the dog must go away... Every puppy cries! Every puppy is howling! Not days, but weeks.

 dirt, hair is everywhere, excrements by a puppy, and yes, you can smell a puppy...

 walking a dog depends on you and your free time, excrements will be there for weeks. On carpets but maybe also on your bed...

 destroyed furniture, the apartment. All puppies destroy and bite! No exceptions!!!

totaly needed is a cage, where the dog will be placed, when you are away, but when the pupp will be closed too long, will cry, howl, poop into cage, can have psychical issues! But without cage its not possible!

longer time to learn keep clean

honestly, humans take this very bad and its too much - its too much for the dog aswell... very bad combination

we do not sell puppies in flats!

Pros and cons of keeping in family house

dog has its own large territory

 walks himself, runs at garden (even when raining and you are ill, the dog can poop alone, in flat its up on you)

more activities alone and more interesting things (the dog is not kept in silent flat, looks around the yard, can move on big place)

protection of property

if the dog is allowed inside the house, the dog is in psychical balance and you too - ideal!


 escapes, hunting (more likely wolfdog escapes from locked garden than flat), but if you have good fences and a pen for close the dog, when you are away, is no problem

 possible lack of contact with the owner if the dog is whole day in pen and the owner inside the house

in some cases incomplete socialization, whole day keeping in pen and the idea, that a puppy do not needs walks, when it has the garden

"plowed" garden - digging holes, constantly destroys the green with pee, demaged fences, flowers, forniture,... Every puppy destroys!

a pen is necessary

Puppy or young (adult) dog?

Deciding whether you get a small puppy a few months old pupp or and adult dog. All have their pros, cons as well. Overall the development of puppy runs very fast, faster than by other breeds and five weeks puppy is almost ready for pick up. It has its pro but also negatives.

Puppies are taken from their mothers early, at 7 weeks (the Club and Cynological union rule is min. 49 days!). This is a blank sheet of paper, you can rise it up by your own will. Puppy requires more care, attention and you will also participate in his education, so whether you have time for him and especially if you are willing to learn with him. Its several hours per day. However, count with excrements on carpet and destroyed things (demolating tendencies are familiar to pupps), feeding 3-4 times a day. For beginners it is better a puppy - they learn both - the owner and dog. However, it is essential that the puppy lives with his master the first days in house inside, has increased visits to the interior, due to socialization, to learn noises in the house, then you leave it out by themselves. The basis of this coexistence is socialization. Prepare for crying, biting, destroying, poop everywhere, attention and care, weeks or months.

But to the most countries is export age from 4 months. You really need a good breeder, who prepares your puppy for the life and begins his life with a lot of socialization, actions, basics in training,... A grown up puppy 5-8 months old, gets slowly into puberty and in this age, sadly, the most owners sell the puppy. Its really a good thing to think twice, if you get this risk, since such a give away puppy has his negatives and it can be too much for you. The best is to get known with the situation, why is this adult puppy for sale, how is his nature, visit it more than once, see his characteristics - in city, at home, with strangers, with his family and after this make a decision. Sometimes a breeder has such a puppy because of canceled reservation. Has nothing bad, no problems in character or exterior, but check this first, the best visit him and think about it twice, if you really can handle such a puppy.

If you get an adult dog, so up from about 2 years, count with fact, that he has from his previous owner positive but also negative experience and they are buried deeply. Mainly the negative experiences will be well remembered. Some breeders want an adult dog so that it can be included in breeding as soon as possible. If the only reason for taking adult one is the fact, that the dog has been educated and that dog has already learned something from someone does not mean, that it will listen to you, that everything he knows will fit to you and last but not least, you must not care about his trianing and education. Can have problems in some situations (growling by food, hunting, run away), be shy (be afraid of man, woman, afraid of shooting,...), you will never know, how he behaves, until you get in such situation. Training an adult dog can also be mastered, but rather by people with experience with this breed, or with sence for unique individuality and enough time.

Male or female?

At this point it's like in other breeds. It's only about how you will use your dog. If you want the dog to work with, is a better male, is more a "teddy bear". To establish a kennel, or you want a milder dog,  you choose female.

Note: the following characteristics of both genders are not a rule!


is dominant and harder (although you can meet, and quite often, with dominant females, same gender hate is quite often), forget walks with same gender in adult age!

  in puberty will try to take over the position of leader of the pack, in family or by other dogs, proofing his position, ego, growling on the same gender,... Ignoring your commands, trying to not obey every time, this is fully normal in puberty age, but also in small puppy age

must count with more harder education, some males are too hard, not calm, have ego high in the sky

is more aggressive or too sensitive, so not suitable for defense training, this is really a lottery, but this can be seen in age about 5-6 weeks, so before the pick up

territorial, marks his territory regularly - damaged green, more stops by walking

if he smells a female in heat usually "deaf" and stops to work and obey, this dog is in this time realy for nothing worth and can occur anytime - on a show, by work, by tracking,... He can try to find the female even if he will hurt himself...

but can be more playful, cuddle, will not offend so easy and you will be friends with him sooner

larger, taller and heavier than females, with a typical wolf "collar" around the neck, which is undoubtedly beautiful, especially in winter when the dog has a thick coat. A male is totally the best :)


has her head - it's still a lady, will not lead you by the hand :)

 count with heat and related problems - invasions of unwanted dogs for mating, spotting - bleeding, change of nature after first heat and during every heat

 have a higher dose of autonomy

are more gentle

some are realy crazy, full of energy, need a lot of activities, to calm a bit down

more related to family, children, but also males can be great family dogs.

can say that their education is easier

handle faster hygienic habits, but some females mark by walks as males do

but may require more attention, sometimes, by heat, can be really too much

 "offend easy" - if you are wrong, they can be offend a while, the dogs are in this "naive"

 are more adaptable

 are lower in high, lighter, more elegant

Single or a pair?

Beginner or long year breeder/owner is not important, definitive buy single CsW puppy. Do not buy another dog, when your first dog is not physically and mentally matured, trained, educated, about 1,5 - 3 years old and beyond (depends on individuality). Believe me, one puppy for education is enough, not two of them. A full socialization of both can be harder to realize.

Wolfdogs are pack animals after the wolf, they feel better in pairs, or in bigger packs. Normally are owners keeping pairs, packs of females or mixed - one male and more females. Dogs make their own hierarchy in the pack and battles for leadership are not rare, so you must specify the order and hierarchy sooner, than they do it. Older dog is for a puppy a model how to behave and learns from him habits and characteristics, and sure also the bad ones. Wolfdogs can be monogamous and by holding male and female can lead to refuse of another male (not a rule).

Choose a good kenel

Find a breeder is not difficult, of course, we talk about dogs with pedigree. Breeders have their own websites, advertisements or are active on Facebook. You get contact on dogshows, bonitations, camps, actions or by owners of their puppies... Owners and breeders remain in contact even after the sale, to share their experiences...

Who is a good breeder?

his breeding dogs, youngs and also seniors are in good shape, condition, healthy, in standard

has clear way of breeding, has the type he wants to breed in mind and it is his aim to breed good

has his own dogs tested on diverse illnesses (HD, ED, DM, DW,...) before mating, knows the health status of the male, will not mate two carriers of same illness

He knows quickly and clearly explain, why his bitch is suitable for breeding, why was this the best mating

is not mating only with dogs, that are "in" - over used males, mega champions, but their blood is not interesting anymore,... (means, not making only litters to have pupps, but has a goal in breeding)

Is interested in the future puppy owners before he sells, finds out the conditions in which the puppy will go and even after the sale is interested in his pupp, his successes, failures, stays with the new owner in touch

Has an overview of how looks like a standard individual, what are the pluses and the minuses, knows the pedigree of his dogs, their strengths and weaknesses,

Tells you what abilities will the puppies probably have - whether work or exhibition, knows character of puppies and can easy tell you, which is the most suitable for you

Knows exactly about diseases and health of his litters, will not repeat a litter knowing there was already a illness by pupp or a problem in nature,...

Before pick up the pupp will not hide any faults and shortcomings of puppies, has nothing to hide, publish information about dogs, litters, has websites or contact at him can be found easy,

Will inform you about the number of dogs that he has, the number of litters, about his plans...

Will not push you in his ideas, he can tell why is he breeding his way and tell you his results

Is available if you need advice, help, assistance, or you can visit him and see his dogs.

What is good to know about a breeder:

The fact, he has a lot of dogs, may not be a sign that it is a good breeder. Conversely, one who has only one or two females can be excellent breeder,

We can also meet with breeders, who have a lot of dogs and therefore have many puppies. It is questionable whether all dogs can also have enough to do, have socialization, have time spend with the owner. Many times in this case also helps family and friends, but more often is this only "factory" for puppies - a puppy mill - the breeder is a seller and lives from money from puppy selling

Is breeding puppies every heat of female? Has the female enough time to regenerate? Some breeders push the female into puppies every heat and right after is it possible (even if the heat is every half year), this is a puppy mill, not ethical approach and not human care for a living beeing.

Does the breeder have older dogs too? Or just those in productive age? Even as he cares about old dogs and infertile is a sign of his qualities as a breeder,

New breeder with first, second litter might not be a bad breeder. Still, it is important to look at the surround of living of the dogs, parents, pedigree, care, new breeders often have a new, modern approach, more inform, test the dogs, they are more open than the older, conservative,

The other site of new breeders is, that they most time do not know about the breed enough and it can easy happen, that such a breeder, can not help you, when you need it, or can inform you wrong

 Raising a number of very different breeds, especially those modern, may not be a good sign. Modern breeds earn more and we can ask the question, whether he can by so many breeds watch the type.

From the breeder you can learn that the puppies:

 are to pick up, so they are born, have the minimum age for pick up, the breeder accepts you as suitable owner and you only need to come and choose

they are all reserved - have owner - it does not mean that no puppy will be canceled from reservation, it is possible that someone will change mind and not buy... If you are interested, leave your contact by the breeder for this case.

 or that all are sold - in this case, left the breeder contact, waiting for a specific and concrete parents can take year and more

Some breeders request payment of deposit, as a guarantee, that you will not change your mind with the purchase. It depends of the breeder, can be 1/5 or 1/2 or the whole purchase price. You will receive a confirmation for this payment. The rest of the price will be paid by pick up.

Before final decision, visit few times the breeder to see the parents several times, in more diverse moods, as well the puppies. If you have option, go to an owner of puppy from this kennel. Get the information from internet, from other breeders and owners...

The final word has the breeder, if he gives you the puppy or not. He will think about your possibilities to care about the puppy, of this breed, if you have the potential to be a good wolfdog owner. You can write the breeder, that you want to reserve a pupp, but he will choose the owners. If the breeder let you reserve a pupp without asking anything, is sign of puppy mill. They sell to anyone who pay.

Do NOT buy anything from such breeder

sells dogs without pedigree - for whatever reason. All puppies become pedigree, no exceptions, even if not standard in color! The whole litter gets pedigree

parents are aggressive, growl at you, the breeder, without any reason

parents are very shy, are afraid of you or the breeder

puppies are shy, do not contact people, are afraid of fast movements, afraid of breeder, you, anything new

dogs are kept in unsanitary conditions, without air, sun, without contact with humans

 breeder avoids answers about the origin, health

 puppies do not look healthy, are dirty (about the cleanness cares the breeder and the female), have not good health status, have deformations or deviations

 does not guarantee health, has no health tests certificates, or even EU pass, pupps are not dewormed, vaccinated

is not willing to draw up sales contract

 do not take the puppy back if you find a birth defect and he did not tell you

do not allow you to see parents, or the mother, willing to bring the puppy outside the kennel, so you do not see where the pupps grow

is selling pupps younger than 49 days

 sell you a puppy without at least a single question - to what conditions you are taking the dog whether you already have a dog,...

Beware of

Before a final decision, visit breeder, it is better two, three or more, an event with the breed - whether exhibition or training camps and familiarize yourself with the breed look into the literature. Definitely do not decide on pictures. The breed is very specific and must be seen live.

Purchase of the dog without pedigree is better not to think about. If you do not care for "paper" because you do not want to show, buy a dog from a shelter. Beware of breeders from France and other countries, who are breeding also Saarloos wolfdogs. Often there are mixes with CsW pedigree!!! Be careful, ask more people about kennel. Buy only 100% pure wolfdog! The best is from country of orgin. Slovakia and Czech republic.

If you are a beginner, it is good to go for a good breeder who will be happy to help you in choosing the correct nature of the pupp and is willing to pay you attention and help.

It's good to know before buying the characteristics of the mother and father of the puppy. See breeding code - especially "litters  addition", thus defects and HD... Not recommended is a puppy whose parents are worse than B X-ray findings of HD or ED. C grade dysplasia may occur by your puppy. Senn if both parents are tested for DM and DW and are not both carriers of the same or one carrier and one not tested.

Before taking the puppy check health. Nose, ears, eyes, anus, hair. Puppy is more heavy than at first sight. It may not vomit. It should be vibrant. Inform how many times a day is fed and its diets. It should not be very dirty - keep them clean is not only the mother, but mostly breeder.

Inform about vaccination, chip.

If pedigree has not been made, agree on the manner of its delivery.

The price will agree in advance and to avoid misunderstandings rather let you explain what is included in the price and what is not. Some people require advance payment. Mostly it is usually 50% from puppy price, sometimes more. If sent with plane, the whole sum will be paid before the pick up.

In conclusion, do not be surprised if the breeder will ask you some questions. Also he must find out whether giving the puppy in good hands and may need to determine which puppy will be specifically for you best. To lie in this regard is not worth.

Breeding service - care for the new owner after selling the pupp

Breeding service is all you get besides puppy - extra . This means all services, equipment, and so on. Breeding service is different for each breeder and each offers something different. Some after the sale forget who you are...

Although this is a sample of what you get for your money and presents breeder and his access to you, as the owner of the puppy. It is a base, a kind of minimum, that should offer every breeder!

What can be in the service?

whenever you can go to breeder for help in matters of nutrition, education, training,...

will help you prepare for the dog for show, youth presentation or bonitation,

breeder can help to show the dog on a dogshow,

show your dog on bonitation,

if you need and the breeder will have the opportunity, you can , "leave" the dog during your absence by him- holidays, long illness...

organizing meetings for owners of  his puppies,

reminders of important dates, such as vaccinations, deworming (at least in the first months of life),

assistance by stud terms - guidance on how to filling the forms,

assistance in breeding the puppies first time,

attention in the form of telephone, electronic, or personal contact, is interested in you and your puppy after the sale, your show results, health, training, education, how you proceed with the dog,

presentation you and your puppy in the world of Czechoslovakian wolfdog - Internet presentation, the presentation of your puppies, achievements, ...

and much more. Breeding service depends on the breeder and is his visit card

In our kennel we offer a wide breeding service, which is drawn down directly to the sales contract and which contains substantially more, as mentioned above. We are ANYTIME min. on phone/mail.

Buy-sell contract

When buying a puppy of any breed should be standard. It gives you assurance that you are buying really what you pay for. In the contract are your rights and obligations provided by breeder, but also his rights and obligations. Each contract is a bit different, but the basic elements are the same.

If the breeder does not want to to give you a contract, require it! You are not buying a small thing, it is your protection. If you find some missing points in the contract, you have the right to their inclusion in the contract.

kennel name, first name and surname of breeder, address, from which the puppy comes,


full name of the dog - from the pedigree,

date of birth,

No. of chip,

exact name and address of the buyer - the future owner,

date of vaccinations and worming,

any defects in the exterior,

puppy price and payment method (bank account or cash, when will be the price fully pay out,...),

 whether the owner takes the pedigree on the pick up day and if not, the date when he will assume its original,

 health of the puppy on the pickup day, statement, that the buyer did controled the puppy and its status

 pick up date and signatures of both parties,

In addition to these points there can be more of the following, provided by breeder

absolve dogshows, bonitation, helath checks,

 penalties if the owner of the dog will not behave according to the law - animal cruelty

 the condition that the dog will not be used for breeding without pedigree,


The owner gets the original of contract and breeder as well. It is necessary to read the contract and when you do not understand a point rather ask for the exact conditions. The contract will provide legal protection for you, if breeder hides a defect, he knew about it, its obvious and also canceling of the contract - re-pay of the buy price. Although its not certified by a notary, the contract is valid and legally enforceable.

Price of a puppy

It's a very specific issue and depends on the breeder. You will not find a specific amount of other kennels here, but I will write down, what you get for the price. The price is different by the first litter of unknown breeder and a different price from the champions breeding kennel, after great parents with a long tradition of breeding, or have health tests above minimum. The first should not be the price, but you should ask, WHAT you get for this price - the puppy quality, pedigree interesting for breeding, breeders service,...

Significantly lower prices may not be a sign of bad breeding and too high price is not a sign of top quality. Consider previous successes from kennel at shows, or obedience trials, health tests, the kennel's reputation, whether the price is adequate. Specifically, the amount  in abroad is 1000 € minimum, often 1500-2000 €.

In Slovakia is price 1000-1500€ for puppies going in foreign. This is country of origin, no fake pedigrees, strict terms of stud and exclusivity makes it.

Get sure, that you get for the price of the pupp:

Pedigree (export pedigree)

PET pass and chipped puppy! In the EU pass will be marked dewormin and allow from vet, that the pupp can travel and is healthy for traveling

Vacctinations, regulary de-wormed pupp, veterinary controled, without mistakes (and if, the breeder tells you), older than 7 weeks! In some countries 120 days, with rabbies vaccination.

Be sure, the breeder stays in contact with you after the sell. You should get an aftersell breeding service.

Sometimes you get DVD or CD with photos, documents of the parents, or a document, how to care about the pupp

Some breeders cooperate with ganules sellers, so you get presents from them too, or he gives you leash and collar, toys for the pupp