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How to show a wolfdog

At the big day is every one in stress, even the dog. The day is simple. Come, show and wait for the outcome of the judgement... But in practice, this means a lot more work and patience.
Morning before the show

Still at home, check all the things you need to bring to the exhibition. So:

proof of payment - you will find it in the pages, where you have registrated


 veterinary certificate

 food for you, water, water bowls for dogs and snacks for dog, bag for snacks in the ring:

 exhibition leash, brush, some cloth to wipe the dog, if dirty,

cage and possibly a blanket or something that you cover the cage to give the dog privacy

if you want chair or blanket for yourself, waiting is sometimes long

Arrive to the show

At the entrance show your entry card you have printed from registration pages and by the veterinary check show the PET pass with vaccinations. At the show office you get a catalog - a list of all the showed dogs with starting number and the names of the exhibitors. You also have free entry for you and your dog. Then find the ring with your breed. Ring number is listed in catalog too.

If you find the ring, take a seat. If you have cage place it so, that you do not mislead others. It's good to come sooner and have a good place, than later stress. And also, you have the opportunity to go free in the ring and run with dog, try stand, do the finishing touches.

You can register from 7:30 on each show 's a little bit differently, but generally about 7:00 to 9:00, and then begins the judgment at 09:30. If your breed starts late, you must not come so soon, you can come later. Certainly do not come at the last minute!

Once you have your number, wait, when you breed gets on the program. There are more breeds judged in one ring, by one judge. The order of judging is always the same, beginning with the baby class males and proceed to veteran males. Followed by females baby class to veterans females. Than begins the next breed. Your start number will also tell you when it's your turn. If it is coming, take the dog, courage and stand in the entrance of the ring and wait until they call you.

In the ring

When you enter the ring, hold to your position by number. The dog is by the left leg, always closer to the judge. Try to make it always nicely stand. For each judge is exhibiting a bit different and he will tell you, what to do. Thus, when to show teeth, when males testicles. Passes every single dog. Then the judge sees the dogs in move. So as you practiced at home, try to have the most beautiful trot by the dog. If prettier performed at a slow trot run slowly, if in a long, spacious  go faster. Try to make the dog trotting "in show mode" and also the stack. Immediately after the motion the judge calls every single dog to his table to judge him. Hold the dog nicely stretched, but not  pulled up into an unnatural position. Then go back in place. Still holding dog in the show position, even if judge is not looking or seemingly not looking.

When the judge sees all dogs, tells who won the class. The judge congratulates everyone and you can go back to your place outside the ring. Do not forget to price the dog properly.

...few words more

After the performance of all dogs is following the fight for BOB - Best of breed, best female and male or club winner. Staff calls all dogs, who will participate in ring by number, so even if you don´t know, if you need to go to the ring, the staff will tell you.

It is good to stay and see how the champions are showed to something learn on.

After these competitions, go to office with pedigree and let the outcome write in it. Take the judgment. On some shows, the entry into pedigree is not in the office but in the ring - mostly club shows.

At the club and larger exhibitions is for the winner a cup and often a sponsors gift.

On some shows still follow the competition - best couple, breeders group, or national breeds, BIS (best in show), and the like. For those you have to wait until the very end. These competitions begin at approximately 15:00 to 16:00 and later.