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After a dogshow

You and your dog have absolved a hard, busy day. Both deserve a reward, praise the dog, even if your  expectations were bigger. Happiness and the current status of the dog plays a very big role in dogshows. And also judges taste. Some prefer huge dogs, another slim, one prefer light colors, another the dark.

Many owners are domotivated, because of bad results. But lets say, that judges do not have a clue, how a CsW should look like. Well, most of them. They judge the dog as a sheppard, so prefer another type, than a real good looking CsW. Just let it go and see shows as a socializations place and a hard day for the dog. He will sure sleep the whole night.

If you are finished in the ring, get the judgment, check if everything is written down (titles). The new system in Slovakia is without cards for BOB, BOS, CAC, CACIB and CAJC.  Go the the show office, where you get the prices, but not the price for BOB, that is gived in the finals ring only. It is also good to take part in the final competition on national breeds in Slovakia and Czech.

Show success should never be the first impulse to buy a dog. Because even after the biggest champions may be born puppies, that do not have the exterior. Or from ordinary litter are coming out wonderful dogs worthy of international champions.

At the exhibition you certainly met many breeders and owners, exchanged experiences and have seen how dogs show those, who receive the most titles and awards. You learned something and you have the opportunity to practice more at home. If you have a dog that is having fun in shows, is very good to exhibit, though perhaps not receive titles. It's good to go to more types of exhibitions. Another is atmosphere on a regional exhibition and another is on the club show, where in one class meets more than 20 dogs.

After the show, you and your dog deserve relax for some time and than again return to practice. There is always something to improve and train. If you are tired of exhibition, try at least the club shows. Not every dog is having fun, but it's great to see the dogs in the ring, which is not possible to see elsewhere. Comparing at least your dog with other from the same litter, often meet at club shows siblings from same litter. Find out what the trends are in the show successful types, meet the owners and at least get a new experience.