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Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Is a mixture of Carpathian wolf and German Shepherd, originally intended to guard and protect the border and work in army. But being too attached and bonded to a single handler was not acceptable for this job. They often changed handlers (every 2 years) and this has an effect on the dogs.  However, the breed was very intelligent, had a very keen sense of smell and sight and had the endurance and stamina to work in any kind of discipline (sports, detection, tracking, search and rescue or even as therapy dogs) compare to other breeds. It is an all weather dog. Today it serves as a loyal partner and a companion to us. It has a life span of 13 years and over, weighing about 30-40 kg and the height ranges from 62 to 70cm at the shoulder. Strikingly it resembles a wolf and and a non-doggie person wouldn't even recognized it. Often people confused it with a Husky / Malamute, a strange-colored German Shepherd, but most often with just a "wolf". They remind of less well known breed Saarloos wolfhound, who is also a cross between a wolf and German shepherd.

Their graceful movements, elegant body, wolfish color, slanting amber eyes are certainly striking, but can also cause someone in fear. It is  vivacious, tenacious trotter, highly intelligent and docile, and requires a completely different approach in their upbringing and training compare to other breed of dogs. The hard hand of a drill that is so often used to the German Shepherds, does not work. But he needs a clear leadership and sure not life without borders.

Its being  extremely faithful to its owner and his "world" (his pack/family), this sometimes caused problems. To be able to have a wolfdog accept and explore the "outside world" (the public), we must socialize and habituate him with all kinds of scenario/sorroundings. By wolfdogs is interesting the way, not the aim.

Taking care of a wolfdog doesn't require any special living conditions, for as long as he has a save fenced place or garden to run and spend time with his owner. Requires several hours of walking every day because they are not a "couch potato" breed. He can work, but must be strong motivated, his weakness is hunting, demolation. He is an "escape artist" and used his intelligence to his advantage. Some problems are with howling and the recall, but this is what makes the breed challenging and interesting. Wolfdogs are not for every beginners or owners, who don´t want to spend the time with them and learn about them. It is for an active owner, a working home, that can provide them the love and patience and most importantly the time they need in their entire life.