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Before you buy any kind of dog...

Before you decide to buy a dog at all, you should honestly answer a few questions. Love for dogs is undoubtedly very important, but there is more to having a dog than that. Here are some things to consider/questions you need to ask yourself before deciding whether to make the commitment.
Why do you want a dog?
If you need a dog to perform a certain job – such as guarding your home, for example, it is quite logical that you buy a dog. Getting a dog on impulse, however, is not – and buying a dog for someone else, perhaps as a gift for Christmas or birthday, is particularly wrong. How many dogs end up in shelters after Christmas I shouldn’t even have to write about. If someone wants a dog just to complete their image, or as a finishing touch to a perfect house (any dog, and especially a wolfdog), that owner will not be good... And getting a wolfdog for a specific purpose is also not the best idea - he may not have talent for the activity, in which case both the owner and the dog will be unhappy.
Is a wolfdog suitable for my style of life?
You must ask yourself if you can give your dog a few hours a day, not just by your presence, but also through games, walking, training, education, socialization... Wolfdogs live for 12 years and over; will you be able to pay him attention his whole life? The dog is not a bike, that you can close in a garage if you get bored ... You must count with school, work, sickness, holidays, ... Even the dog in the garden needs walking and spending time with family. He will react to separation from his family with howling, crying and damaging your property.
What about money?
Unfortunately, the reality today is that everything is expensive and the dog is a very expensive animal too. The purchase of a puppy is just the beginning; you must also take into account his nutrition, vaccinations, harnesses and equipment, visits to dogshows and events, destroyed furniture and garden, harm/damage to neighbors‘ animals or property, travel, fees, insurance and, the worst case scenario, vet bills in case of an ill dog. Initial cost of purchase is only the minimum. Of course, it makes a difference if you keep a dog as simply a pet and friend, or a dogshow champion.
Does evey member of the family agree with getting a wolfdog?
It's terrible when someone in the household suffers because of a dog.  Such a situation is bad for the dog itself and for you, as his owner, twice as much. A wolfdog is a beautiful animal, but there are many people who are afraid of dogs, especially large or "wolflike" breeds. Will the neighbors have a problem with such a dog? What about your apartment landlord, and especially family members? Wolfdog puppies bite a lot, destroy your possessions, and have their issues.
Is somebody allergic?
I think this needs no explanation. Wolfdogs shed, all year long, hairs are everywhere, and if a family member has allergies or has problems with his hair on clothes, in food, the freshly washed laundry, and doesn´t care if you keep your dog outside or in your home, is it a big problem. The hair IS EVERYWHERE!!!
Can you train and handle such dog?
This means both physical fitness and mental conditions. You need to learn along with your dog, visiting training grounds, studying education and its techniques. It might be funny to see a lady with a dachshund, which completely ignores her, and she still thinks what a lovely dog she has. But an adult wolfdog who has not mastered basic education and training is not so cute ... The sentence "I will give him to someone to train" is very, very wrong. The dog may learn to listen to the trainer, but it will not obey you, and especially not if the dog is a wolfdog. Your education and your training is important to deepen the bond between you and your dog. Skills are needed in education, training, feeding, care, anatomy ... Alternatively, do you have someone to consult in this area (except your breeder)?
Do you have the option to walk him hours a day?

Wolfdogs need to move, and they require a minimum of 2 - 2,5 hours a day. It may be pleasant to walk through the woods with gentle breezes and pleasant sunshine, but it stops to be enjoyable when the temperature falls to ten below zero, it’s snowing heavily and you have the flu. Of course, having a dog in an apartment is one thing, and in the yard a completely another, but even a dog living in the garden must go out - it's a prerequisite for ownership of a CsW. The dog must also be allowed to go inside.

Sure, if something suddenly comes up, he will be OK without a walk every day, or two, or more, but believe me... one day, he will get bored, and then he will find something to do alone... and you probably won’t like the results.
Who will walk him, if you are ill?
Even flu occurs a few times a year, you feel miserable, your nose is running, and you can barely move around the house. But the dog needs to go out. Do you have someone to take care of him when you can not? Or are in hospital? What about during the holidays? Can you take the dog with you? Dog hotels are NOT suitable for this breed! What about your job duties?
Do you have adequate space for such a big dog?
The dog can sleep in a small flat too, but it’s probably not a good idea to obtain it, if you live with parents in an apartment 2 +1, with your siblings and grandmother. With time, someone can have a problem with it. The beed is big and in a small flat, it can be "too big". Remember that if you live in the block, neighbors may not be happy about the dog‘s beautiful crying song - calling his pack for 8 whole hours. Complaints from neighbors may also occur if you live in a family house. It is necessary to provide him enough space, with the best possible access to the house and garden runs, as well as a safe place for a restful sleep.
Am I tolerant and patient?

If you obtain a pup, count on at least two months walking before he learns to do his business outside. The pup will test your nerves with his behavior, biting, crying, no sleep for walking the pup in the night... When there is rain and you return to the apartment, he will shake himself from all the mud out, and you will need a new wallpaper design for sure. Even if you have a puppy in the garden, he will demand and claim your attention by destroying the grass, front door and trying to escape from the kennel.


THIS IS REALITY, nothing out of the ordinary for a CsW!