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Defence training

Defense is a bit problematic discipline. It is the result of hard work and motivation of dog, hours of work on good bite technique, because that is problematic by wolfdogs. For the defense should be a suitable helper who can work with dogs. Because not everyone can work with wolfdogs. If your dog has an interest in tug and defense, when they have grown all his permanent teeth, you can begin to train bite.

Dog in defense of a person and his property performs several functions:

Scare - owners of CsW can tell a lot of about this. Wolfdog acts itself as sufficient deterrent. Just his presence with you, or on the yard will scare many potential thieves.

Signallizing - such a wolfdog is a silent observer, but as soon as someone enters its territory, comes out of hiding and does not hesitate to take action. Although wolfdogs bark not so often, vocally can express and indicate that someone is in their yard.

Active defense - though not visit the training ground, your wolfdog can defend you. If he finds out that his master is in danger. This feature is, however, necessary to guide by the training of defense, dog can also attack from a misunderstanding.

Please make familiar yourself with theories of training in your own language.

Kinds of defense

Defense is the special kind of dog training, where we develop hunting instinct. The dog should have a firm character, for example best is sanguine, melancholic inappropriate.

Note: If your dog is aggressive, has a problem with people and has high ego, it is good to consult it in advance with the trainer, because the defense must not be a proper training for such a dog. Often incomplete or incorrect defense training can cause more harm than good.

On the photo: a helper is friend, after exercise there is no reason to attack him.

Biting into prey

Revire - ward


Bite into sleeve

Smooth detention

Detention with stick

Escort of person

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(Photo by Helena Hubáčková, kennel Sotis)

Barking the helper in a curtain

Detention in circle

Change in the conditions