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Akkanga Leon Eperies "Lora"

Basic informations Leonberger
Date of birth: 16.02.2018
Sex: female
Mother: JCh MultiCh Frida Fiona Goldenleon


C.I.E., MultiCh, MultiGCh, ClubCh, Eldar Druhá šance
Breeding Not brood yet
Registration: SPKP 1719
Chip: 941000021576876
Bonitation: L1M1N1, 73cm, 55kg
Dog show titles: Puppy Champion, Junior Champion SR, Club BOJ, res.CAC, CAC, BOS
Hip displasy: A/A (by MVDR. Zubrický, Nitra)
Ellbow displasy: 0-0 (by MVDR. Zubrický, Nitra)
Eyes: 17.07.2019, MVDR. Zubrický, Nitra - clear
DNA: yes (Vetgene)
LEMP: N/N - clear of mutation - unofficial result - by parentage
LPN1: N/N - clear of mutation - unofficial result - by parentage
LPN2: N/N - clear of mutation - unofficial result - by parentage
Heigh: 73cm (19 months)
Weight: 55kg (19 months)
About Lora

Lora is first from ou new way of breeding. We will not have more vlcaks at home, so we search for a breed, that will fit in our home. The result is Leonberger. The male or female question was hard to answer, but we choosed female, since we want to breed and will get a male later. The choose of kennel was short - because we find great health, character and top exterior.


Mother Frida Fiona Goldenleon, father Eldar Druhá šance (photo owners)


Slovakian puppy champion, junior champion
4x CAJC, Club BOJ, 2x res.CAC, CAC, 2x Regional winner,
1x BOS, 1x BIG (regional dogshow)

Grand Prix Slovakia Minor Puppy Winner 2018


Show Place Class Judge


26.01.2020 CACIB Nitra Nitra intermediate Uroševič  
25.01.2020 CACIB Nitra Nitra intermediate Václavík  
24.01.2020 CACIB Nitra Nitra intermediate De Cuyper  
12.01.2020 CAC Brno Brno intermediate Matakovič Excellent 2, res.CAC


07.12.2019 CACIB Nitra Nitra open Vukosavljevic Excellent 1, CAC
26.10.2019 CACIB Bratislava Bratislava intermediate Fairaislová Excellent 2
05.10.2019 Club show Komárom, HU intermediate Mavilla Very good 3
21.09.2019 Club show Kamenný mlyn open Řehánek Excellent 2, res.CAC
14.09.2019 Regional show Pezinok intermediate Lazic Excellent 1, Regional winner, BIG
18.08.2019 CACIB Bratislava Bratislava intermediate Řehánek Excellent 2, res.CAC
17.08.2019 CACIB Bratislava Bratislava intermediate Lozić Very good 3
27.07.2019 Regional show Povoda intermediate Polgár Excellent 1, Regional winner
17.05.2019 Club show Jasná juniores Netterer

Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ

..............::::::::Slovakian junior champion::::::::..............

04.05.2019 CACIB Lučenec Lučenec juniores Benkovský

Excellent 1, CAJC, BOS

27.01.2019 CACIB Nitra Nitra juniores Havelka

Very good 3

26.01.2019 CACIB Nitra Nitra juniores Shyian

Excellent 1, CAJC

25.01.2019 CACIB Nitra Nitra juniores Vanža

Excellent 2


09.12.2018 CACIB Nitra Nitra juniores Cseglédi

Excellent 2

08.12.2018 CACIB Nitra Nitra juniores Papp Vasile Carol

Excellent 1, CAJC

20.10.2018 CACIB Komárom Komárom, HU puppy Gruttner

Very promissing 4

19.10.2018 Club show HU Komárom, HU puppy Hargitai

Very promissing 1

22.09.2018 Club show SVK Kamenný mlyn puppy Václavík

Very promissing 1

28.07.2018 Regional show Povoda baby Polgár

Very promissing 1

..............::::::::Slovakian puppy champion::::::::..............

10.06.2018 CACIB Nitra Nitra baby Mellin

Very promissing 1

09.06.2018 CACIB Nitra Nitra baby Blaha

Very promissing 1

08.06.2018 CACIB Nitra Nitra baby Senashenko

Very promissing 1, BOB Baby

29.04.2018 Club show Mošovce baby Novák

Very promissing 3


No progeny, we plan breeding for spring 2020