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Hierarchy in family

The right hierarchy is the basis for peaceful life with wolfdog. Wolfdogs is a pack animal, inherited from the wolf the need to be guided by alpha - stronger and more dominant individual. If not, he takes the boss place. Into a hierarchy of pack are assigned all members of the family. From the owner, through children, grandmother to another dog or cat. Everyone has their position, a permanent - superalfa or influenced - dogs among themselves .

In the pack is always the alpha pair. Thus, the wolf and the she-wolf , who manage the pack. Only those can reproduce - others, beta, gamma, ... are mostly relatives, who care for puppies of alpha pair and help with hunting. In the pack is also omega, the last member, which depletes frustration and anger of other members... It is a weak individual, who is at the end of the ladder. Feeding and the benefits always starts from the alpha and goes to the omega. The dog can not be to be omega! Is not the last member of the pack, on whom you deplane frustration, although it is obviously less in hierarchy than you .

Practically every behavior of the dog in your everyday life, is conditional behavior on the basis of hierarchy. Each pack member receives from the senior members of the pack a sign, that all is well and it is taken care of survival. This stability is a consideration for the privileges and respect of control by alpha.

Most problems begin when the dog is unsure of their status. In new situations is the position clear, you are person who lead the dog eg. on busy place in the new environment, the dog can not take this position, is not sure, scared, can not secure safety of pack... You as the alpha, must know, how the dog to show, who is in the head of the pack, is not power, but actions and communicating with him.

Already in young puppies we can observe some attempts to create hierarchy. But it still has nothing to do with the final arrangement of the pack. Also in the future, the position may change. Your status as superalpha not. This role tries to get the dog in puberty (may or may not). Battles by puppies at feeding is giving their position and secure in everyday life with various benefits. Everything is subject of hierarchy - food, a place to rest, toys, attention, physical contact, sleeping, reproduction,... For each concession dog gets points and you lose them as the owner. Be careful that the dog does not have once more points than you and did not decide one day to be boss.

Benefits of higher possition

higher in position are fed first, gets the best, when he wants, voluntarily leaves nothing from his food, until he allows, can the other, at lower in position eat

  the higher post gets the best place to sleep and rest, especially the increased place, so he can control the surroundings, lie where he wants and when he comes, the lower-level have to leave

who is the alpha can body contact enforce and also the attention

incentive to play, activities, walking, start and end the game tells the higher level

alpha can block the passage, go through narrow passages first, lower level must stay aside, stand up, when going through the alpha

 only alpha may be reproduced

alpha provides to entire pack the protection against attackers, her security

If you have not clarified the precise status, sooner or later, comes to critical situations, ie aggression or fear. In many cases and methods in living with a dog, it is obvious, that the leadership is offered by the owner to the dog - althought unwittingly.

Then there is a moment, when the dog accepts offered position and wants to properly acknowledge it. With the passage of time, sometimes around four years, has accumulated enough points to get through all household members and there is only alpha left. Gradually, the dog begins to defend his privileges and he does not mind at all to use force. These are the signs that you may not notice, but since the dog is bigger, the consequences will be worse.

How to improve alpha position
The best is to show a puppy that you are the alpha and he should not this position not even trying to get. Consistently check everything he is doing and see, whether he shows signs of attempts to takeover higher position. Check his game, feeding, body contact. In the period of 4-5 months are already the dogs in the pack taken as a full member, their puppy "immunity" is lost and they are "punished" for violation of hierarchical functioning and get position like others.

Eating and feeding

Do not feed the dog before family meals and even do not allow him to beg at the table. Their food comes up when everyone is finished and gets it into his bowl. Receive it only after you call him, do some command, for example sit and when it will permit, may eat. Puppy or adult dog should not protect their food and must always tolerate other members of the pack next to his dish. With successful begging you undermine the authority of higher status and thus adding points to him.

A place to rest

The dog should have his own place to relax, preferably below yours. Should not rest on the sofa, chair or bed, when you not allow him and do not invite him and willingly must leave this place, if you come. The dog does not have to control the situation from the above-situated place, does not control family members. Give a dog place that is protected, for example under the bench, where the dog can sleep. His place is near to you, but remember, you always have it better.

Physical contact

It is not right, when the dog comes to you, forcing attention and pet time. You are relaxing, lying down, you have your work and he comes in and forces attention. Also, it is a negative phenomenon, when the dog does not like combing, checking teeth, ear, touching his paws, back - manipulation. He must allow  to you as the alpha, even is annoying to him, check his body. Initiative to body contact, hence the pet time comes from you. Although he may not like it. Health is a prerequisite for pack by daily cleaning by alpha. Attention, privileges and stroking is adding points to the position of dog - when he forces it. The solution can also be a command and its fulfillment. The dog shows his respect to you, by waiting how you decide and fulfill your commands instead of enforced attention.

Nothing is for free

Negative is, if the dog is the one, that comes with a toy and forces game, alone will decide, when it is enough and goes away with the toy, the game is rough, it is a violation, not corresponding to his position, jumps up on someone and stares. You as a leader should come up with a toy you choose, by gross behavior of the dog immediately quit the game, or in any case before it ends by the dog. Of course, toy is yours, you won and taking it away. Battle and other fighting games are with alpha inadmissible .

Negative is also when the dog determines when and where to go. Leading the way of walk, in apartment takes the best place and never moves from your way when you come along. In passages must the dog stay aside. Although is sleeping and lying in the middle of the door and you want to go that way, must go. Too often tagging with pee is also a sign of higher status from time to time is good to prohibit it. Visitors are welcomed first by you and not by the dog. First, because the higher level are greeting first, alpha determines who is dangerous and who is allowed to enter .

Physical violence

To physically clarify the situation, should never come. You as a person, would not have a chance against wolfdog. It is good to avoid them and especially preventing that you are in a situation where the wolfdog is aggressive against you. The hierarchy is determined by the predominance of mental and not physical violence. So physical punishment have negative affect and cause other negative behavior - possibly fear or aggression. The dog learns, that to have gained a higher status, he must be aggressive and physically violent to others. It is best to react dismissively, therefore, who is a higher in hierarchy, must not answer the challenge,  may refuse, can completely ignore the situation and have his time.