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Gunner Malý Bysterec "Nero"

Basic informations Czechoslovakian wolfdog
Date of birth: 28.11.2006
Sex: male
Mother: Askia Slnečný dvor 


Blek z Liehovarského dvora
Breeding Stud male
Registration: ČMKÚ/CSV/3042/11/11 (export to Czech republic, living in Slovakia)
Chip: 941000002748064
Youth presentation: Very prommising
Bonitation: A67,5 Of P1 (Xv53,3 Xf114,1)
Stud dogs presentation: we do not plan
Working exams: SVP1
Working certificate: yes
Gunshot reaction: no (bonitation)
Dog show titles: 1 x VG3, 2 x VG
DNA: yes (Vetgene)
Hip displasy: A (0/0) in age of 2,5 years
Ellbow displasy: 0-0 in age of 4,5 years
Degenerative myelopathy: N/N clear of the mutation - not official result - CZ study
Dwarfism: N/DW carrier -  Utrecht
About Nero  

Nero is high in temperament and dominant, to me and people he knows very kind and attached, to strangers bold. I get to him through the owner of his sister Grace, his past owners had 3 of the "G" litter Malý Bysterec siblings and I would like thank to them, because they gived him to me free, when he was 15 months old. Since he is strong in character, he had never problems in the city. He has a big training potential, that gives to his progeny. Is already 13 years old, likes his peace and his own space, but is in full health.


Mother Askia Slnečný dvor, father Blek z Liehovarského dvora


Gunners pupps are in darker bright colors, you can find in the coat brown and red-hair too, with perfect mask, short ears, long legs and correct high. In character open, friendly, not shy or aggresive, have no problems with new situations, they have training abilities.

For more info about litter, click on the photo of mother - only in Slovak language! Since more owners do not communicate with us or the breeder, the informations about progenies are not complete.

2016 "O" Malý Bysterec (SVK)

Mother: Connie vlčí tlapka

Date of mating: 13.10.2016

Date of birth: 16.12.2016

Females: 1      Males: 6

2016 "D" Tobrok (SVK)

Mother: Tara Kysucká hviezda 

Date of mating: 18.08.2016

Date of birth: 20.10.2016

Females: 1      Males: 2

2014 "R" Atropa Bella Donna (PL)

Mother: K-Lee Vornja z Peronówki

Date of mating: 06.08.2014

Date of birth: 09.10.2014

Females: 1      Males: 4

2014 "B" od Našej Vlčice (SVK)

Agira Vlčí démon

Date of mating: 25.12.2013

Date of birth: 05.03.2014

Females:    1        Males:   6

2012 "D" Tawy (CZ)

Mother: Ambra Tajemný přelud

Date of mating: 29.10.2012

Date of birth: 31.12.2012

Females:    3        Males:   5

2012 "B" Leśny kamrat (PL)

Asta Agarův les

Date of mating: 18.09.2012

Date of birth: 22.11.2012

Females:   3         Males:   3