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Our free time

I try to update my gallery as often, as I can. The most I use Facebook for publishing our photos.You will find here photos from walks, our friends, actions, meetings, dogshows... Author of most our professional shoots is Mr. Michal Volárik, whom I thank from deepest of my heart, that he gived me such an opinion. As Christmas present in 2014 I have got a realy good camera so next photos will be from me. Sure not so professional, but I think nice too :)

Here you can find photos from our free days, our normal life. Every bigger action is in gallery Actions.

We have our own gallery on There were no problems on this server, but we plan to move it in the future. Right now is it not actual.

You can add us as favourite on the pages :) Just click on the icon.

Year 2018

Year 2017

13.05.2017 - Aima (od Popelkovcov :) ), Oberin a ObiWan MB, Amarok (Leon)

Year 2016

Visit by Aima z Vlčích makov and her lovely family
Visit by Miracle Mia kennel (A litter) 11.02.2016

Year 2015

Our free time summer 2015
Saint Barbarons. 03.08.2015
Winter walk Akia and Gunner, 09.02.2015
Winter walk Amarok and Aurrorox Aki (Nitra) 08.02.2015

Year 2014

Tobrok "A" meeting, Nitra, 30.11.2014

Year 2013

Walk in Cetín (near to Nitra)
Filming of Temná noc "Dark night" 27.04.-29.04.2013
Endurance run, Šamorín 20.04.2013
Špeciálna výstava Amerických Akít, Lapáš 07.04.2013
Visiting Tawy kennel and taking Barbora Tawy to us
January 2013
Year 2012
Winter 2012
Winter 2012
Free time, the end of summer and begin of autumn 2012

Walk with Nero Akia and Melian in Nitra 14.07.2012
Spring 2012
Meeting and socialization walk of CsW owners in Nové Zámky, Slovakia 17.03.2012
March 2012 - Wellcome Akia Tawy

Begin of year  2012

Year 2011

Winter 2011


Summer - Autumn 2011


Year 2010

Our winter walks on snow, year 2010
Trip to Brno 27.-29.08.2010
July, august 2010
Weekend wiht Nero... 02.-04.07.2010
April, may, jun, july 2010
March, april 2010
Meeting and walk with Ainu Tasha (Melian) spring 2010
Meeting and walk with Ainu Tasha (Melian) spring 2010
Year 2009
Early winter
Early autumn
Family meetings

Year 2008

Meeting in Galanta 13.7.2008
Free time, walks
Ranch DD and at home
Nero´s family
First days