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Actions, meetings and dogshows

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I try to update my gallery as often, as I can. The most I use Facebook for publishing our photos.You will find here photos from walks, our friends, actions, meetings, dogshows... Author of most our professional shoots is Mr. Michal Volárik, whom I thank from deepest of my heart, that he gived me such an opinion. As Christmas present in 2014 I have got a realy good camera so next photos will be from me. Sure not so professional, but I think nice too :)

Year 2018

IDS Nitra, 10.-11.02.2018 

Videoclip Inside - Stopy slobody (Angstroom,Caleb,Emperorra)

Year 2017

Tobrok kennel progeny meeting, 16.12.2017
IDS Nitra, 09.-10.12.2017 (photo: Kakarína+Tobrok)
EU dogshow, Pezinok 2017 (M.Volárik+A.Santoni)
Serial production by TV JOJ - Vlci (wolves)
Summer camp, Mošovce 2017
Regional dogshow, Povoda, july 2017

Year 2016

SVP Šamorín, 23.04.2016
16.04.2016 CAC Romania, Satu Mare
16.04.2016 CACIB Romania, Satu Mare
17.04.2016 Chapionshop show, Romania, Satu Mare
Champion of Champions Nitra 01.04.2016
Nitrawa cup 02.04.2016
Nitra winner show 03.04.2016
CACIB Zakarpatie, 20.03.2016, Uzghorod, Ukraine
CACIB Zhemchuzhina Karpat, 19.03.2016, Uzghorod, Ukraine
CAC Zolotoj fazan, Uzghorod, Ukraine, 19.03.2016

International dogshow, Nitra, 17.01.2016

International dogshow, Nitra, 16.01.2016

Champion of Champions, Budapest, Hungary 09.01.2016

Year 2015

28.11.-29.11.2015 - IDS Nitra, Slovakia
Eric Salas handling workshop 31.10.2015
CACIB Komárom, Hungary 10.-11.10.2015
DUODANUBE Bratislava, 22.08.-23.08.2015
National show Vrbové 16.05.2015
Sarplaninac club show, Povoda 25.07.2015
National show Povoda 25.07.2015
Dendrit dogshow for dogs with/without papers 04.07.2015
IT Club show, Milan, Italy, 11.06.2015
World club shows for national breeds of SVK 05.06.2015
Novohrad CACIB dogshow, Lučenec, 10.05.2015
Novohrad CAC dogshow, Lučenec, 09.05.2015
Free time, Podskalie, 02.05.-03.05.2015
Youth presentation, Podskalie, 03.05.2015
Slovakian hovawart club show, Podskalie, 02.05.2015
Hungarian Hovawart club show, Budapest, Hungary, 01.05.2015
DuoNitradog 28.02.2015 - 01.03.2015
Wintershow Nitra 10.01-11.01.2015

Year 2014

Youth presentation and bonitation, Horný Hričov 15.11.2014
EDS, Brno, CZ, 25.10.2014
Special hovawart dogshow 30.08.2014, Stará Myjava
Regional show Krajné, 09.08.2014
Youth presentation and bonitation, Jasenie 18.07.2014
Summer camp, Jasenie, vol.2
Summer camp, Jasenie
XVIII. Europenian dogshow for CsW Jasenie, 13.07.2014
Training weekend Drienok 07.-08.06.2014
Clubshow, Nitra, 28.03.2014

Year 2013

Worlddogshow for national breeds, 10.11.2013, Bratislava
Special dogshow for CsV, Jevidovice, 22.09.2013
Training and exams, Podskalie
Bonitation, Podskalie, 30.08.2013
XVII.Europenian dogshow, Podskalie, 25.08.2013
Summer meeting in Podskalie
Dogshow Châlette sur Loing - Parc du Lac, France, 20.07.2013
III. Meeting of friends and owners of CsW in Svätoplukovo, 07.07.2013
III. Meeting of friends and owners of CsW in Svätoplukovo, 06.07.2013
III. Meeting of friends and owners of CsW in Svätoplukovo, 05.07.2013
Trainig weekend in Mošovce 14.-16.06.2013
International dogshow Nitra 02.06.2013
International dogshow Nitra 01.06.2013
Endurance run, Šamorín 20.04.2013
Nitradog 24.02.2013
Nitradog 23.02.2013
Wolfdog club show 22.02.2013
Year 2012
Duocacib Nitra 02.12.2012
Duocacib Nitra 01.12.2012
Zvod mladých a bonitácia Horný Hričov 10.11.2012
Training weekend Trusalová 26.-28.10.2012
International dogshow Bratislava 18.08.2012
Free time Hrabušice
BH exams Hrabušice 12.08.2012
Bonitation Hrabušice 10.08.2012
Club dogshow Hrabušice 11.08.2012
Second training weekend on ranč u Rapsu, Svätoplukovo 04.-05.08.2012
Grand Prix Nitra 09.06.2012
Dogshow in Senec 08.06.2012

Author: Daiva Rimaityte

Training weekend in Bojnice, Slovakia 20.-22.04.2012
XVI. Europenian dogshow for CsW, in Italy, Reggio Emilia, 24.03.-25.03.2012
Tourist action - Hrb 25.02.12
Wintershow Trenčín 28.01.2012
Year 2011
New Year tourist action - Vápeč 31.12.2011
Nitracanis 20.11.2011
Nitracanis 19.11.2011

Training weekend in Chtelnica 04.-05.11. 2011
International dogshow in Bratislava 21.08.2011
Puppy bonitation and bonitation Hrabušice 06.08.2011
Summer camp Hrabušice 30.07.-07.08.2011
Derby Winner Show Nitra 05.06.2011
Grand Prix Nitra 04.06.2011
Senec Dogshow 03.06.2011
Springduodanube Bratislava, 1.deň 14.05.2011
SVP, Šamorín 07.05.2011
Bonitation, Jevišovice, Czech republic 30.04.2011
Training weekend - Varín 15. - 16.04.2011
Puppy bonitation and bonitation Pavlovce, ranč Breziny 09.04.2011

Photos by: Daiva Rimaityte

Puppy bonitation in Horný Hričov 26.03.2011
XV. Europenian dogshow in Nitre 20.03.2011
Nitracanis 19.03.2011
Meeting in Nitra 20.02.2011

Dogshow Brno, Czech republic 05.02.2011

Year 2010

Puppy bonitation and bonitation - Horný Hričov 27.11.2010
Nitracacib 21.11.2010
Nitracacib 20.11.2010

Club dogshow 19.11.2010 Nitra
Training weekend Chtelnica 16.10.2010
SVP Šamorín 25.09.2010
Trip to Brno 27.-29.08.2010

Summercamp Havranovo 07.-14.08.2010
XIV. Europenian dogshow ČsV Nitra 06.06.2010
Duodanube Bratislava 16.05.2010
Duodanube Bratislava 15.05.2010
SVP Šamorín 10.04.2010
Nitracacib 27.03.2010
Year 2009

Summer camp Trusalová 8.8.-16.8.2009

Family meetings

Year 2008

Dogshow 2.11.2008 Nitra
Meeting in Nitra 18.10.2008
Meeting in Orava 26.9-28.9.2008
Summer camp Hronec 3.8-10.8.2008
Other dogshows
Grand Prix Nitra dogshow