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Shows in Slovakia

During a year organizes Slovak Kennel Club several kinds of exhibitions. If you are a Slovakian CsW club member, you can participate in the Club Show, organized every year and fight for the title Club Winner (if you're not a member, you can participate, but your dog can not get the title Club Winner). Whether you will only take part in club or regional shows or exhibitions or it becomes your hobby, it's up to you.

Wolfdog is a show dog too. Some lines and kennels are focused on exhibitions, thus have more chances to have titles. But even if we do not have a champion, participate in the exhibition is an experience not only for us, but also for the dog and an excellent opportunity to meet new people, meet with breeders and friends and socialize your dog.

Certainly shows are not animal cruelty. Wolfdog is not the kind breed that need to be hair styled, brushed too much or somehow exceptionally scrub! Exhibitions are only stressful for the dog improperly socialized, who is not familiar with crowd of people and dogs, noises and smells, ...

World dogshow
Every year in different country. The prestigious show. Here are coming handlers from all countries with the very best dogs - mostly already champions. The competition here is very high, in number of registered dogs about comparable with a large club show. Here we can meet handlers - professionals for showing dogs. Titles obtained are World hope, World junior winner, World winner, World veteran winner.
Europenian show

Every year in different country. At these exhibitions can be in addition to current titles won the title of European winner (EU promisse, EU youth winner, EU veteran winner). The second most prestigious dogshow. Europenian show is something else than by club organised Europenian show for CsW!

Regional shows

These exhibitions are held outdoors in all weather and visitors must also count with rain. Due to the environment are organized from spring to autumn. They are particularly suitable for novice exhibitors and exhibition novice dogs or puppies.Comming out of thesize of action it is not usual to see so many breeds and that is why a demanding visitor should choose any of the major exhibitions. They may also include a special club show.

National shows

Shows of a higher type and by the season may be held in closed spaces (eg buildings directly build for showing, sports halls and stadiums) or outdoors. It is usually, that part of the show rings are inside and part outside. The competition is bit higher, but experienced exhibitor can show a "novice", when he already knows its response and quality.

International shows

At these exhibitions are arranged rings in halls and also outdoors - as it allows the season. Competition of dogs is high, because here meet the exhibitors with their dogs from various countries.

Club shows

These exhibitions are organized by kennel clubs. At these exhibitions will meet much more individuals of the same breed. Participate in them may also exhibitors from abroad, but only members of the club can competite for the Club winner title and it is often a big competition.

Special shows

Here also meet individuals of the same breed. You must count with a competition, also from abroad. On this show you can get CAC and Special show winnet title. The club may hold only two shows with the granting of this title in one year (Club and Special show).