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Puppy from us

Being an owner of any dog is an enjoyable and fulfilling feeling. More if your dog is a loyal companion for several years, you see how he grows, how he´s enjoy your comming back when you go only for few minutes to shop...

And when you decide to breed puppies, after such a friend, it is sure, that you care about them as well. Where do they get, who are new owners? You are thinking over these questions before the small babies run around the yard.

Breeding is not only production of puppies, but the attempt to achieve something better, you invest a lot of money, nerves and time in dogshows, health tests, training and education of your dog.

So forgive me my maybe intrusive questions, it is mainly about well-being of our pupps. I, as a breeder, must get know you a bit and think about you as a suitable future owner for such complicated breed as wolfdogs surely are. Also, if you are suitable owner for the concrete one puppy and its character, if its suitable for your home and plans with him. Breeder is pleased to find great owner, interested in all possible activities, but sometimes the person is a much better owner with real ideas (and possibilities) as a man with a head full of fantasies and illusions about the future.

Before you write us or call, that you want reserve a puppy, please read our pages (still the biggiest about the breed in world). I do not take reservations from people, who dont know what kind of breed is this. If you do not know, what about is a wolfdog, what he needs, we will not accept your reservation. But if you would like to inform about the breed, please feel free to ask or visit us in person.

As new owners we accept people, who would like to make theire lifes better with a dog, that is more wolf, than a dog, who will communicate with us, visit us or we can visit them, who will take the most from this breed and its potential, that know CsW is not a dog, nor a wolf and have suitable conditions at home for this kind of breed.

Reservation of puppy is possible up from 1 week of age and that with not refundable reservation fee - 1/3 of buying price. It guarantees you, the puppy is yours and us, that you are not a lier. Pre-reservations can be done during pregnancy, so we know about you and your interest.

Reservations order is given also by the fact, who is the best owner for the concrete puppy in our eyes. No every puppy is suitable for everything - family life, breeding, shows, sport,...

Our motto:

"We do not want to produce puppies, we want to breed, developing the breed.
Breeding is not easy, produce puppies is easier."

What kind of breeding service will you get?

The first is a dog lifelong (and more) advice and friendship, an interest in dogs from us, and their owners.

Kennel Tobrok follows the rules of the FCI, the Slovak Kennel Club, the Slovak Hunting Association and Club of Breeders of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Slovak Republic, Slovak Leonberger club - that means no breeding dogs without control or selling pupps younger than 49 days! The minimum age of import in different countries also as required by the state!

All matings are created with holding respect to health, character traits of both parents and exterior.
  Both parents are health monitored, have pedigree and in the time of mating stud dogs and suitable for breeding.

All puppies receive veterinary care, live in a clean place, receive a certificate of origin, will be reviewed by breeding advisor. We pay attention to best nutrition and socialization all our puppies.

Socialization takes place in the presence of mother, especially the habit of shooting, strange objects, people, situations, the behavior in presence of other dogs, basic obedience, dog show behaving and hygiene.

I'm ready to show the dog on dog shows, puppy bonitation or bonitation - REQUIRED is sufficient preparation, which we also provide.

Breeding is my hobby, life and my dogs are my everything. Never have been and will not be a source of finance. I have a regular job and breeding of dogs will never be my finance source. All money from dogs goes only again in them.

As a breeder, I will not sacrifice or disposing of sick, old, sterile dogs, or unsuitable for breeding. No puppy will be euthanized if it is not standard. He will find the warmth of home by us, peace and care, he needs. We will not euthanase a puppy, only because it is ill, we try to cure it, costs are not a question. Such a pupp will have this in his sell agreement, the owner will know about this and gets the pupp for free or in PET quality, depend on the illenes.

We are not a big kennel or want to be. We will always have only so many dogs, that we can care about them, so they do not be deprived of food, time spent on entertainment, sports, cuddling or peace. First we want friends and not the manufacture of puppies. Will not let the dogs are beaten each other, were under psychological pressure, that could be released all at once and do not cause injury.

If it happens that puppy or adult dog gets "in trouble", the owner will be not able to take care of it already, get into need or the like, I will do anything possible to find a suitable home even at the cost of dog would be returned to us, whether shorter or longer.

If puppy is born, which is not suitable for breeding, I will know its shortcomings, the future owner will be notified that breeding is not recommended. Such dogs are marked as PET, suitable as a family dog, dog for family with children or even for sports, but for some reason or illness not suitable for breeding.

I will not sell puppies or adult dogs looking for a new home to a third person, person which I doubt (lie, hidden intention, unsuitable conditions for the dog), a person who wants only to breeding without pedigree. I will choose the holder, who is the best in my eyes, even at the price that dog stays with us longer.

What are the terms for new owners?

Knowledge minimum of the basics about the breed and its needs! Our pages are still the biggiest about the breed, so the interested person should know a bit about the breed before asking of reservation.

The new owner must be mentally and physically mature enough, to be able to handle such large and temperament dog.

I will not sell a pupp to person younger than 15 years. Also the signing of the contract is done by respecting the Slovak law, so it can by signed only by a person 18 years old and more. In this case, its necessary the presence of a parent.

At least one personal visit (when possible), telephone or electronic contact before reservation of  puppy. Personal visit after the birth of puppies possible after 21.days. I DO NOT sell puppies to a third person - the change in ownership, in agreement with the breeder, is conditional to sign of new contract of sale.

A dose of confidence and determination to handle a "beast" called Czechoslovakian wolfdog, conviction that this is an appropriate dog for you. Ability to give reasons why you are a suitable owner. The new owner must know, that to have a wolfdog is a life style.

Suitable conditions for keeping the dog - the best is house with extra range for the dog, financial security, time for the dog (min. 3 - 4 hours daily activities!), daily walks, the possibility for contact with the family, as appropriate, space for discharge of energy in the form of training or similar activities.

Opportunity to visit the place, where the dog will live, after a agreement of owner. I would like to have the option to visit the place, where the puppy lives, see the yard, also visit you, as my friend - the owner.

Readiness and willingness to engage in activities for which the dog will be talented and both, the dog and the owner have fun - whether dogshows, training, sport or work. I do not require that dog is stud, but I would be happy if minimum X-rays and so.

Willingness to follow the advice of the breeder in the field of education, training, nutrition, ... (mostly beginners).

I take the reservations from people, who have not yet chosen and I'm ready to answer all questions that they will have. I am ready to lead them to decide for breed, or not or a dog at all.

Contact for a lifetime of the dog. I want to be informed about joys and sorrows, successes, health outcomes, and so. I dont need a call everyday, but a mail or a photo makes me always happy :) Health results, dogshows, work exams aso., will be updated on our pages. I will not hide the results of my breeding and I do not want, that the owners of our pupps are ashamed for the results. The information will be for the next future owners, so they can see our breeding statistics.

I accept families with children as owners only after appointment and only for selected individuals - not every puppy is suitable as a family pet and a member of a family with small children.

It is PROHIBITED breeding without pedigree - this is legally treated in the sales contract. If the new owner will have a dog of opossite sex, it is required to have a separated kennels in time of heat.

I reserve the right to choose a specific puppy to a specific owner, on the basis of his character traits, breeding, training or exterior advantages that they will develop. I reserve the right to reject a candidate as an owner, without reason.


I realy don´t mind selling my puppies aboard... People get more interested in this breed, the most come from USA or UK, Italy... Sometimes severeal people are interested in a litter from the same country. There is no point to send more than one or two pupps in the same country from the same litter. Those are countries with no genetic diversity of it´s own. Even if there is no plan to breed the dogs, that is often the case when you import - having a genetic diversity for breeding.

I don´t mind flying pupps, but a puppy is not a thing! I do not sent a pupp on its own or sell a pupp to someone, I´ve never met face to face, or have writen tons of mails, not knowing anything about you, your home and plans for future. To get a pupp from us, is to embark on a long friendly relationship, for the lifetime of your dog, even longer. The owners must be in contact with me per mail, in person,... They are not only names for me. They must share the same basic concepts and ideas of breeding, ethic principes of keeping a wolfdog as we do.

There are still countries, that do not allow import a CsW. We do NOT cheat and will not risk to sell a puppy in such country. Here will be listed countries, i know, the import is not possible and i will not sent a puppy in (for now I know only these): Australia, some states in USA, Norway...

With puppy from my kennel you will get (a few points from buy - sell contract)

Original buy - sell contract in english

Europass - every puppy will have a chip,

Record from litter control

A booklet about the breed, basic care, written by the breeder,

Documents and reports about the whole litter, from the cover, birth and living of the pupps by breeder, also from the breeding comittee control of litter,...

The copy of certificates of origin both parents (the health results are there, also dogshows, exams,...),

Gifts from breeder for the owner and his pupp - collar and leash for first days, chew toy.

Opinion to contact the breeder any time with questions about feeding, care, practice, preparation for puppy bonitation and bonitation, dog shows,...

Puppy will have the basics in hygiene, will be socialized, ready to live in a city and with animals (cats, other dogs, horses, small pets,...),

Periodically vaccinated and veterinary cared,

Puppy will be fed by raw meat (BARF), but if the new owver wants, we can feed also with kibble, but ONLY with marks, that are suitable for this breed, no conservants or too much cereals, or low on meet.

Males will be given to new homes after both testicles are down.

Ethics and principles of our breeding

Our litters are and will be prepared so, even I can choose a pupp from the litter. When I do not like the litter so, that I would not take a pupp, I will not realise it. My goal is - if it would be possible - to take one pupp from each litter, or to have a pupp in co-owning.

In breeding are observed three things:


 Nature       + pedigree - benefit for the breed


All these three criteria together are the basis of breeding wolfdog. Why? Who has only one of them, does not breed wolfdogs. Who wants to be good breeder, should in the correct proportions combine these three conditions. Emphasize only one of them does not pay out. If you want to keep only interesting exterior animals (for dog shows), you have to use dogs, who are not so good in health or character or come from a pedigree not interesting mating. If you focus only on training and potential for it, maybe the wolfdogs are not going to be so handsome and healthy. If you want to keep only healthy animals it will be limited choice of partners and maybe the behavior and exterior will be limited. And of course -  mass production of certain matings, over the same sires, leads only to reduction of variability and creation of "pedigree uninteresting dogs."

In our kennel we focus on the selection of partners who complete each other. If one parent has a defect, we try to avoid a partner who would have the same defect. Eg. a female with long ears - we do not choose a dog with long ears. A dog with a long tail - we do not use female with the same problem. Health is very important to us. Therefore, all our females are tested for hip dysplasy, elbow dysplasy, degenerative myelopathy tests and dwarfizm. Breeding female and her partner also must be 100% healthy, which oversees our veterinarian. In character, we emphasize the balanced behaving of the mother, which affects behavior of her puppies. Also the stud dog must have a balanced nature, we prefer dogs with training ability. In matters of the pedigree, we choose the parents for many months before the actual mating, so its beneficial for breeding. Consult and analyze the pedigrees for several generations in past with people, who knew those dogs in person and they know the pros and cons of the mating.

However, all this work must be developed in future and therefore I´m looking for owners, who are not looking for "just a dog", but will develop the advantages and skills of our pupps. I read somewhere a sentence. "The breeders work lies in the fact, that the results of his hard work and success will gather someone else." I think, that even who is looking only for a friend in dog, can absolve with him X-rays, dogshows, bonitation too... We can always find a way with the right owners.

The above rules in our breeding can be written in some kind of kodex:

Import and new blood in breeding is desirable. Lets make matings, that are plus for breeding and avoid matings with dogs, who have tens of ofsprings.

Brood female must be always standard, socialize, not agresive, in type and in great condition. 

The stud must be in standard, should not have the same negatives as female and with interesting pedigree.  Do not look on the kilometers, lets open the eyes and search far away, not only in the same city. Do not look only on champion, who is giving good looking pupps, but has already tons of them.

Planing of pupps is a long time proces, we must look in generations forward and look on a type, we want to breed. 

To choose a right owner is sometimes harder, than have pupps, so we must choose careful. The owner will develop, what we started.

Dogs are not only for puppies, they should get know something else, than only yard. The champion title or IPO exam is not everything. More important is that the dog and its breeder enjoy life.

Socialization and preparing of pupps for new owners is much more, than if they get a car full of things for the pupp.

Have allways our goal before our eyes, the way, we can make it, but do not forget, that breeding is about dogs and friendship with people, who breed too.

Good breeder is honest, makes high quality litters and tries to be more and more better in what he do.

Finally a beautiful sentence that I found on the Internet and describes what am I here trying to write: "There are breeders who find the perfect breeding pair with their hearts, others use they mind and others believe his eye." Only who knows the breed, has it in the eye, knows exactly where he wants to go and achieve what he wants, sometimes gives on his intuition and makes a decision against mind is a good breeder, who is doomed to success. Those who give on heart, or mind only, or only looks on an ideal type, obtain results only sporadically.