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Planed litters 2020

If you would like to visit us, our doors are sure open. We are OK with english, german and understand polish languages. You only need to write us an email or call us, so we can choose a suitable termine. We are not every day at home and have also own program. And since you want to visit dogs, please remember, that the dogs can make your clothes dirty. Choose the clodes so, it will be not a problem. We take you for a walk with the dogs. If you want to bring something for the dogs as a treat, please ask first, so you know, what they like.

Before you write us or call, that you want reserve a puppy, please read our pages (still the biggiest about the breed in world). I do not take reservations from people, who dont know what kind of breed is this. If you do not know, what about is a wolfdog, what he needs or you do not have suitable conditions for him, we will not accept your reservation. But if you would like to inform about the breed, please feel free to ask, or visit us in person. For Leonberger puppies, we will search also only for the best homes.

As new owners for a CsW we accept people, who would like to make theire lifes better with a dog, that is more wolf, than a dog, who will communicate with us, visit us or we can visit them, who will take the most from this breed and its potential, who knows CsW is not a dog, nor a wolf and have suitable conditions at home for this kind of breed. Those interested in Leonberger should also know about the breed and its needs. But sure, they do not have so special needs as wolfdogs.

Reservations order is done ALSO by the best owners in our eyes for a concrete puppy. Not every puppy is suitable for family with children, dogshows or sport... We DO export, but only to countries, where are wolfdogs allowed! We do not cheat AGE, or ORGIN of the pupps - it contains wolf blood. Its an FCI recognized breed and the puppy will come with FCI documents and petpassport with correct breed and age in it.

We plan Tobrok "H" Leeu


Mating: spring/summer 2020


Mother: Akkanga Leon Eperies
Eldar Druhá šance x Frida Fiona Goldenleon
(HD A/A, ED 0-0, LEMP N/N, LPN1,2 N/N, eyes clear, 73cm/55kg)
Father: Amaty Leotracks

Forest Skipper's Don Fortuna x Ann's Lions Red Door

(HD A/A, ED ?, LEMP N/N, LPN1,2 N/N, 73cm/67kg)

Im so happy about planing our first litter of Leonbergers! The more, our Lora is strong in health, has perfect bones, high, dark pigment and eyes and excellent character! I have found a male in Czech, that I would like to use. Nice colored, great in character...


We plan Tobrok "Ch" Ang

Mating: 2020


Mother: Tobrok Angstroom Aki 
Argo z Novobělské kotliny x Akia Tawy
(HD A/A, ED 0-0, DM N/N, DW N/N)
Father: ?



Planned litters related to our breeding

Tobrok Drogo Tar

Gunner Malý Bysterec
Dam: Tara Kysucká hviezda

Health: HD A/A, ED 0-0, DM DM/N, DW N/N

Male of great exterior, Club winner 2019. Has excellent body, high 69cm, excellent coat, very nice male head, narrow eyes of amber color, short ears. His with his exterior excellent example of breed, has great health and great character, typical selfconfident male. In any way the better copy of his father, our Gunner.


Planned litter in Polad with Slovakian female Amia Miracle Mia. ChS Taureaux
Sauvages. The female is already mated!