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About us

I literally "falled over" the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breed during a walk with my friend long time ago, in year 1998. In one large family house was at the gate in the kennel surreal dog, called Trial. He was a wolf like dog and I fell in love. But I preferred horses for several years and forgot dogs somehow. In my life have been dogs everyday by my grandmother, which gave me incredibly much, but they never been "my own". Thanks to Viliam Dudáš, I have found the western riding. I loved horses and gived them everything. I forgot totally dogs, my dream was to have a horse (on photo Dina).

In year 2005, I found in dogbreeds atlas a dog breed, which was Trial - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. That was the point, when I became interested in this incredible breed. Searching for information, meet with breeders and thinking about my own wolfdog. First CsW from near were Ada and Fibby Kollárov dvor and the first story about this breed I had directly from Mrs. Kollárová, many years President of the club and respected breeder. (on photo Fibby Kollárov dvor; me and my first kiss from CsW on dogshow in Nitra - Unkas z Molu es)

Also this meeding reassured me, that I want to know about the breed much more. I have met Mr.Bárta, kennel z Čakajovského dvora. I even reserved a female form im - Fenndy Kollárov dvor and Blek z Liehovarského dvora. But Fendy was not pregnant. But I got to know the world of wolfdogs a bit better.  (the picture on right Unkas z Molu Es and my first kiss)

After a longer search i have found a litter and after few days, I had my own wolf at home. My first wolfdog for a very short time was Chita spod Ďumbiera. The problem was, that the female was not socialized, shy, and I as "not-known-how-new-owner" was unable to educate such animal and in the city the more. After a week, she didnt left her place under the table, I have "walked" her with pressure, she did her "job" outside and run home. Without any info or knowledge, was I lost from such behave of a pupp and noone was there to help me. Chita didn´t want to eat anything, she was slim, had diarrhea, was only a skelet with skin, she nearly died. She went back to the breeder, but it was hard time for me. I decided that before I find much more about this breed, I don´t want any other wolfdog. With this was connected gathering information for my  own needs in electronic form. (on photo puppy Chita)

As interested in the breed, I was on a dogshow in Nitra and later also on endurance run in Šamorín, where I get know Frederika, owner of Grace Malý Bysterec and later the owner of Tasha kennel.

It was in 2008, helped me Frederika to something completely different. 15 Months old dog called Gunner Malý Bysterec, who turned my life inside out. Nero, as he was called by the original owners, could not stay with them longer, it was a piece of wolf (weight in that time 45kg!), with incredible aura and I knew that it is he - my wolf. The owners of Nero had also Glen, Grace and Flok Malý Bysterec. But did not have the time for them anymore. That went to fights between the males,... First was Grace for adoption, than Gunner and later Glen. Tasho - Flok left as last in 2015.

One beautiful day, we went to Martin and Nero went to us. He was sweet to everyone, was submisive to everyone, loved people. Didn´t know what is a leasch, ride with a bus, car or a big city. I loved to socialize him, walk him, it was great and I never forget it, how many happy times but also sad times and hard we had. Later, when he realized, this is his new home, his character did change. In character dominant dog, full of temperament and I caused a jump from ordinary life somewhere else. He gave me a lot, I got to know the vagaries of CsW and actually thanks to him, I got deeper into the events around the breed and breeding.

With the arrival of Nero I began diligently working on portal, which was at first only about him, but later it was so big, that it describes everything about CsW. A long time ago, I have began to collect all info about CsW and archive it tematicaly, so litteraly I have prepared the structure for my pages.

In 2009, I introduced the first Internet site about the breed, which far exceeded the club sites and I can say are the largest yet about breed Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. (on photo me and Nero)

Later in the "pack" has been added my boyfriend, now fiancé, who helped me since 2009 with all the things around dogs and I thank him for many. He also found pleasure in this beautiful breed and dedicated education, training and things "around" a lot of his own free time ...

But one wolfdog is never enough and I've found out that Nero needs also wolf society. And so we have since 2010 tried to find him a suitable girl. Breeding and developing this breed become my hobby. Since 13.01.2010 have we been recognized by kennel name TOBROK, but for the female we had to wait long time. We had no luck, for 4 times.

Honestly, this kennel name was listed as the last and I do not know why the FCI commission choose this one. There were many names that were more beautiful and also original... But I'm glad, because the term "Tobrok" is very close to my heart. Who knows horses knows, that Tobrok is a world famous line of arabian horses. Right from this line commed, my heart near horse El Kora. She belonged to Viliam Dudáš and on his ranch I had with his kind permission my wolfdogs. On Kora I had a couple of ridings, she was my inspiration to ride horses. She was temperamental and persistent, elegant, willful, until her very last day, this reminded me of our wolfies ...

During the work on our house, we have bought on 01.08.2011, we got a female Chasa spod Ďumbiera, which had exchanged a few owners. She had a hard life, and needed to get out from a shelter. I wanted to give her a home. It was a revange from past. I could not keep her sister, so I wanted to help her. (on photo Chasa spod Ďumbiera)

Our third pack member was a puppy from Czech republic, we wait for so long. A female Akia Tawy, which established our own breeding.

The life in family house was short and after the broke up with my fiancé, I musted return in flat and city. It was and is a hart time for me...

In february 2013 I have choosen a female for co-ownership from an unique blood combination. Barbora Tawy, has a great pedigree, that will never come again. In march 2013 left us Chasa spod Ďumbiera, she is now in Poland. I have now only Nero and Kia. Barbora - Bora, is living in woods in Liptov and doing very well. Her male companion is Aimu z Dubničanky.

Since february 2013, I started again living in a family house, but had no option to have the dogs with me.

Since august 2013 I was the second vice-chairman in Klub of Czechoslovakian wolfdogs breeders of Slovakia, and I like it very much.

In March 2014, we managed to make the first litter, although on the exemption after our Akia Tawy. From the first litter we keep bitch Angstroom Aki, who lives near to Nitra. I hope she will be a good future brood female.

For my 29th birthday, I have become a gift, male hovawart, Amarok Saint Barbarons, who is on the first place our family member. It was my boyfriends idea, he wanted a guardian dog for our house, who is suitable to kids, not so temperamentful as wolfdogs and do not need to be in kennel because of run aways. It was not planned, well, as usual by us in dog things :D We went to the breeder only to see the pupps, but went home with a small pupp, who should be called Ancikrist as the breeder told us :D, the most devilish puppy. But out of this satans son rised a great, ballanced and perfect in character male. Amarok as he grow, was also great in the show ring. As a young, fresh 10 months 'puppy' got at the international exhibition in Nitra his first BOS and BOB on the second day. Finally something that is incredibly fun for me and dog as well! Until his 4th year, we had some champion titles, Interchampion and few interesting titles. Amarok is now a stud male, but we do not plan to breed this breed.

In 2015 we bonitated Barbora and choose for her a stud, her life partner Aimu z Dubničanky. Short before Christmas, she gived birth to 7 beautifull puppies, our "B" team. With this went Barbora to full ownership of kennel Zamaratan.

We realised under our name the litter after Yelka z Litavksé kotliny with beautiful Czech male Baxter Vlčí tlapka in march 2016 and we had our litter "C" in 8 puppies.

Due to more reasons, I have quit in september 2016 my post as vicepresident of Club for CsW. I try to do my best for my litters and my new projects. In april 2016 we had the chance to cover the litter after Tara Kysucká hviezda, living in Nitra and she had with our Gunner Malý Bysterec in october 3 great puppies "D".

The planned litter after Angstroom was pospoted because the owners of Caleb returned him and the owner of Angstroom decided to take him. We keep Caleb as our new hope for future matings. We plan to use Caleb with Angstroom for her first litter. He seems to be a great male, with expression of wolf, has all the things we love about CsW, plus he has a great open character, easy to handle and we plan canistherapy with him. He is Mr.Perfect. We decided to start our way of breeding on him.

By heat in july 2017 we mated Tara Kysucká hviezda with Amur Kalinovská svorka - Gero and the puppies "E" were born. This are the 5 needed litters for my judging post. Im happy we have his blood in our breeding. But after this litter we want to change some things.

Year 2018. One chapter is closed a new one begins. A better one. This year will be very special for our kennel in many ways. Our breeding will be bit changed.


...and next steps? Lets keep it as a secret for now!
Year 2018 will be surely great and full of news and huge things :o)