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Kennel Tobrok FCI

Kennel Tobrok was founded on 13th January, 2010 (name of kennel is before the name of puppy). We specialise on the breed Czechoslovakian wolfdog, but we have a stud male of breed hovawart. Our first litter was realised in 2014. We bred 24 puppies under our name. Since 2016 we cover litters of females of our friends and those from our breeding, so the number of litters is now bit higher.

The litter names have a combination of name and shortcut of the mothers name (brood power :)). So Aki for Akia, Bor for Barbora, Yel for Yelka, Tar for Tara... Every litter will have the name of mother in theire name, since we cover more females and we want, also theire names are in the name of pupp, not only ours.

If you would like to visit us, our doors are sure open. You only need to write us an email so we can choose a suitable termine. We are not every day at home and have also own program. And since you want to visit dogs, please remember, that the dogs can make your clother dirty. Choose the clodes so, it will be not a problem. We take you for a walk with the dogs. If you want to bring something for the dogs as a trat, please ask first, so you know, what they like.

We are not and never will be a mass production kennel. We have only so many dogs, we can care about. We have litters with pause for the female. Females in coowning have puppies in family, they live in, the owners take care about the in our rules.

Before you write us or call, that you want reserve a puppy, please read our pages (still the biggiest about the breed in world). I do not take reservations from people, who dont know what kind of breed is this. If you do not know, what about is a wolfdog, what he needs, we will not accept your reservation. But if you would like to inform about the breed, please feel free to ask or visit us in person.

As new owners we accept people, who would like to make theire lifes better with a dog, that is more wolf, than a dog, who will communicate with us, visit us or we can visit them, who will take the most from this breed and its potential, that know CsW is not a dog, nor a wolf and have suitable conditions at home for this kind of breed.

Our imports

Akia Tawy
Czech republic
mother of "A" litter
Barbora Tawy
Czech republic
mother of "B" litter

given to co-owner

Our exports

I like to have my puppies near me, but few puppies are in the world anyway. In this time 7 puppies live outside Slovakia from 24 bred by us. They live in Czech republic, USA, Denmark and Poland.

Czech republic:

  • Vyžlovka - Caritas Yel

  • Jablonec nad Nisou - Conall Yel

  • Praha - Balerion Bor


  • Herlev - Emperorra Tar


  • Connecticut - Bighan Bor

  • Pennsylvania - Betalgea Bor


  • Bialostok - Cor Fortis Yel

Our puppies in the world

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