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Kennel Tobrok FCI

Kennel Tobrok was founded on 13th January, 2010 (name of kennel is before the name of puppy). Our first litter (czechoslovakian wolfdog) was realised in 2014, the second at end of 2015 and the third and fourth in 2016, we bred 22 puppies under our name. In this year we cover few litters of females, so the number of litters is now bit higher.

The litter names have a combination of name and shortcut of the mothers name (brood power :)). So Aki for Akia, Bor for Barbora, Yel for Yelka... Every litter will have the name of mother in theire name, since we cover more females and we want, also theire names are in the name of pupp, not only ours.

Our kennel is not and will never be a mass-breeding kennel (puppy mill). We have only that number of dogs, we can handle without problems. Breed only one litter per year, so you must wait a bit to get a puppy from us. With females in co-owning and covering litter, I do not count in this, since the pupps will be born in family, where the female lives, where the owners have enough time to socialise and prepare pupps for new owners. The pupps are rised by our principes and ethics.

We specialize on the breed czechoslovakian wolfdog, althought we own a hovawart male, whom we would like to breed, if everything will be OK.

Our stud males, that we offer for mating, have all health exams, also the not so usual. We feed with highquality raw food. We do not offer them to everyone, who asks for them. We would like to stay in contact with owners and breeders, so we know, what our males give to theire progeny. We present this litters on our pages and make the results public.

My breeders goal by CsW is to breed very high quality CsW puppies from interesting bloodlines, with wolfish exterior and character. I want to revive the blood in Slovakia, so I´m not afraid to import (or studs) from Czech, Poland, Germany and other countries, but from verified kennels. All my future males and females and stud dogs, will be chosen in order that some lines in Slovakia will again appear, some are sadly disappearing here. Conversely, we will avoid the use of certain lines which are overused in Slovakia. Each mating is planned months and years before. That is why I have high demands of my own females, those females which I breed, because quality is very important for me and I also following a certain type. The breeding of Hovawart breed is still far future, we only offer our male for mating, we know one thing, we want help breed with special emphasis on nature and strong bones, health and employability. Hovis in Slovakia become poor, or too molossoid males and females are like "Saluki". Our Amarok is exactly what we want to have - nature friend and incorruptible guardian, healthy dog, with a nice exterior and strong bones.

By CsW I prefer the colouring of the Carpathian wolf, with brown, red, and yellow predominant, without too much silver or other light colors, right format, good angulation, triangular head, short ear, amber eyes, right movement, with good character. In character, the vlcak must be loyal to humans, with proper socialization, but also with a dose of lupine arrogance and independence. Dogs without soul and apatycal in behave are not standard. Vlcaks are temperamentful, active and also crazy. By hovawarts I prefer black and tan, with a nice and strong tan. I do not think much colored dogs are "over-marked" as often defend their dogs breeders who have dogs with black mouth without marks, or lack the marks above the eyes. I like open, communicative nature of hovawarts.

I do not sell puppies in to big kennels orientated only on mass-breeding, I prefer owners from Slovakia, but also from other countries (basically, I do not care to seek out foreign owners, but prefer foremost good homes for the dogs). For exporting there are bit different rules for each country, eg. USA, the puppy must be 120 days old, with a rabbies vaccine at 90 days and 30 days of waiting. This means, the puppy must stay longer by us. We do not cheat in age (like some breeders do) or sent unvaccinated puppies. It is important to me that the dogs and owners lead an active lifestyle, so the dogs are not forgotten or neglected in yard. I want to see the puppies in shows, and to see the results of puppy bonitation tests, work exams, X-rays, what ever the owner and dog likes to do. To have an active lifestyle.

However, It is possible to compromise with the right owner on anything.

Our imports

Akia Tawy
Czech republic
mother of "A" litter
Barbora Tawy
Czech republic
mother of "B" litter
given to co-owner

Our exports

I like to have my puppies near me, but few puppies are in the world anyway. In this time 5 puppies live outside Slovakia.

Czech republic:

  • Vyžlovka - Caritas Yel

  • Jablonec nad Nisou - Conall Yel

  • Praha - Balerion Bor


  • Connecticut - Bighan Bor
  • Pennsylvania - Betalgea Bor


  • Bialostok - Cor Fortis Yel

Our puppies in the world

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