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Actual litters



We have puppies! Litter "G", born in Sereď, Slovakia.


Mating: 27.09.2019
Birth:  29.11.2019

Mother: Tobrok Casshera Yel
Baxter Vlčí tlapka x Yelka z Litavské kotliny
(HD A/A, ED 0-0, DM N/DM, DW N/N)
Father: Cherokee Lupus ardor
Amore Mio srdcerváč x Capa Negra Lupus ardor
(HD A/A, ED 0-0, DM N/N, DW N/N)


I await realy wolfy and good looking puppies, with open character! Great bones structure by both parents, dry lips, wolfy looks, excellent angulations! Born in Sereď.


For reservation are free in this moment only females.

Litters related to our breeding

I would like to present also litterst after dgs from our breeding, males and females. All the brood females will (probably) have theire litters under our kennel, so for now only the males and their actual litters.


No litters in this time.