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Traveling with a wolfdog

Wolfdogs generally like to travel. But should teach them their addiction to the car and the moving car. Some react badly affected, excessive salivation, vomiting. Show puppy the car, but not force him into anything.

Although you do not plan going to travel with your dog in the near future, it is good to start training and getting used to the car, cage, as soon as possible. In the future happen to us that we must hurry to travel and the dog don´t knows the traveling by car. If the dog reacts to the way vomiting consult your veterinarian.

Traveling by car
It is necessary to ensure the dog. The car should correspond to the size of the dog. Journey is not to be comfortable for us but also for the dog. Most are suitable for such purposes combi-type cars, with a large volume of the trunk or SUV type. If we have the financial capability, there are trailers with special boxes for dogs.

The dog should be secured against movement, transport cage is suitable. Suitable cages are made special for your car and the dog size. Before traveling dog walk a bit and about an hour, two do not feed. Water must be still available. During the long journey we stop to walk the dog again. If the dog is not OK with car and you necessarily need to carry him with you, consult your veterinarian about pills. To travel by car must be trained from puppy and gradually.

Most usually dog is not calm by traveling, when the car accelerates and stops sharply when change direction. If the path is smooth and uniform, the dog is usually calm down, lie down or fall asleep. Quick turns can cause vomiting and a dog who is otherwise accustomed to travel can vomit too. Therefore you need to adjust driving.

Traveling by train, bus
Trains and buses can we travel with the dog only if it is muzzled. Dog needs a ticket too. Must be on leash. Wolfdog raises respect and fear in many, so we have to remember that not everyone is happy when appears at his head a head of wolfdog. Keep your dog with you, therefore, the best is to let him stay on the ground. Train has a smooth ride, do not often change the direction as car so the dog does not tend to still get up and control the situation as in the car. To train a dog traveling by train is the same as training for traveling by car, if the dog is OK in the car, the train would not be a problem, maybe just getting in and the high steps. Bus transportation is a little difficult, because bus goes quickly and sharply (we all know this), prevent injury to a dog that someone stepped on his paw or tail, that is slipping, or someone hits with muzzle.
Traveling by plain
It is more difficult. The dog is separated in cargo of the plain in a cage (it is cold there, noisy,...). First we need to teach a dog stay in a cage. It remained that he stays calm. In the cargo space of the aircraft is colder than the cabin, but it should not make the dog a big problem. It is more engine noise and separation. A short trip by plane can be solved by training, if the path is long, consult your veterinarian. The dog may do not have a problem with few hours flight, some have with two hours already. You must estimate how your dog is and what it should have become accustomed. Shipping cage must be strong, well-secured "wolfdog-proof": o)