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Barbora Tawy "Bora"

Basic informations Czechoslovakian wolfdog
Date of birth: 23.12.2012
Sex: female
Mother: Welcoming Wolf Eden severu (CZ)
Father: Cater Šedý samotář (CZ)


Róbert Bavko + Jana Furicová, Zamaratan FCI, Liptovská Anna
Breeding Brood female
Registration: SPKP 3410 (preregistration from CZ 25.06.2014 CMKU/CSV/3467/12)
DNA profile: yes
Puppy bonitation: not absolved - goes dirrect to bonitation
Bonitation: As E1 K1 Og P3/62 Xv53,23 Xf111,29 Xh0,677 - SK brood
Training: SVP 1 (best time of the day! exam without CACT)
Dog show titles: 1 x CAC, 1 x Very good
Hip displasy: A (0/0)
Ellbow displasy: 0/0
Degenerative myelopathy: N/N clear of the mutation (negative) - Vetgene

N/N clear of the mutation (negative) - Vetgene

About Barbora

Barbora is the result of a unique combination. Blood incredibly interesting. Therefore, it was more than certain that I wanted her. But unfortunately, I did not had so much space and time for another wolfdog, so she was in co-ownership by my very good friend who respects all our principles and I absolutely believe him in care of another family Tobrok backup. Barbora does not live with me, but is very well taken care for her. One of the points of co-ownership was one litter under the principles of our kennel and I am looking forward, because there is no similar blood in Slovakia and since it is the first and last litter of Cater, its value is the greater. After her first litter Tobrok "B" she was given fully to ownership of Zamaratan kennel.


Mother Welcoming Wolf Eden severu, father Cater šedý samotář


Barbora was a female in co-owning under the term, using her once in our breeding. We used as father her life partner and after one litter she was given in full ownership to kennel Zamaratan FCI. She had here one litter more, Zamaratan "A".

For more info about the litter, please click on the picture of mother

2017 "A" Zamratan

Father: ChPL Bies Welkoscyrz (PL)

Date of mating: 13.08.2017

Date of birth: 10.10.2017

Females: 5     

Males: 2

2015 "B" Tobrok

Father: GCh SR Aimu z Dubničanky (SVK)

Date of mating: 16.10.2015

Date of birth: 20.12.2015 a 21.12.2015

Females: 2     

Males: 5