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Tobrok Angstroom Aki "Lara"

Basic informations Czechoslovakian wolfdog
Date of birth: 13.03.2014
Gender: female
Mother: Akia Tawy 
Father: Argo z Novobělské kotliny
Co-owner: Ľubica Lokšová, Beša, Slovakia
Breeding Brood female
Registration: SPKP 3407
DNA profile: yes
Puppy bonitation: not absolved (dirrectly bonitation)
Bonitation: As60 E1 Og P3 Xv54,17 Xf 106,67 Xh 0,667 SK
Training: SVP 1
Dog show titles: -
Hip displasy: A (0/0) (in age of 22 months)
Ellbow displasy: 0-0 (in age of 22 months)
Degenerative myelopathy: N/N clear of the mutation - Vetgene
Dwarfism: N/N clear of the mutation - Vetgene
About Angstroom

Angstrom or Lara is result from our first litter. I'm picking her as the best of females, she will live near Nitra in co-ownership. Lara is a loved member of family, great character, prepared for searching and rescue work. She has now only one litter, where was only one puppy, so we plan one more litter after her.


Mother Akia Tawy, father Argo z Novobělské kotliny (photo Miki and kennel Tawy)

The first litter was very important for me, but the female is in coownership and its up on the owners, if thez are willing to mate her again.

For more info about litter, click on the photo of father.

2018 "F" Tobrok

Tobrok Casshern Yel

Date of mating: 23.10.2018

Date of birth: 25.12.2018

Females: 1      Males: 0