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What should the future owner be like?

does not need a 100% trained dog and is able to accept his negative qualities

 will work with the dog and educate it himself, under a trainer, does not avoid responsibility, will work hard with the dog and strengthen their relationship

 very aware of the specificity of the breed

 can deal with the damaged carpet, clothing and furniture, devastated land

 intelligent - able to teach the dog what he is or isn’t allowed to do

ready to sacrifice a few moments for studying the breed and its needs, characteristics

active - the walk should be longer and daily, also participate in sports with the dog

 willing to devote time to the dog - we are not talking about one hour of daily contact with the dog, the most important is the time spent with the dog, not just in the first year of life (as many people think, that a dog needs one year to be trained and educated). Not only walk in woods, but training and socialisation in the city. Be with him every day, his whole life.

the proportions of the owner should be suitable for this kind of breed - a dog weighing 40 kg can produce considerable force, but females with 25-30kg as well. It only needs to see something interesting (another dog, a cat,...) to give you a strong pull - can you hold him?

where we live is less important than whether we can give a dog time and not leave it alone for extended periods (long for someone might mean 4 hours, but some dogs can endure 8 hours alone, sleeping about 16 hours a day, although you must be aware that most wolfdogs react very badly to being alone, are demolating and howling)

a wolfdog is undoubtedly a beautiful breed, but one must ask whether someone among family members is allergic to dog hair or is perhaps afraid of dogs, and especially of this breed

 financially secure - costs of buying a puppy, food, equipment, veterinarian, local city taxes, travel, attending the events, ... It all costs money. A dog lives 12-15 years...

 no dog and wolfdog especially is a fashion statement, a matter of image, a decoration for the garden, which can be locked in the pen and left there for life. Even a dog living in the garden needs to be walked, taken outside and socialized/allowed to socialize and explore the world!