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How to feed a wolfdog?

Most dogs over 12 months are feed once (or twice, depending on us) per day, usually in the evening, or if fed twice a day, so morning and evening, after walking. It is best to feed at the same time. It is good if you have a dominant dog to eat something first, and then give the dog food - alpha will always be at food first. Or give him a command, that the dog must perform, or use the command for waiting for permission to be able to eat.

For feeding use always the same place, not too busy so the dog can feed in peace. Raised bowls are not very good, the dog is more comfortable to take a piece in the muzzle and lie with food. If we feed the prepared food at home in an apartment is practical to feed on  floor easy to clean. Granules are easy to clean but pieces of meat and rice in the carpet do not look appetizing.

Dog food should be taken after 10 to 20 minutes away. The dog learns to finish the food and to be dependent on when we fed him. We sealed authority and position, but especially the dog learns that he must eat.

The dog must always be in reach of a bowl with fresh water. Consumption of water is different by weight, age, but also whether if it is hot outside or a cold day. Dogs fed raw diet drink a little less, dogs fed granules have a higher water consumption.

Between feeding we give the dog treats only rarely, such as for exercise, good behavior, ... but it is also food so calculate it in daily ration. Don´t learn him to beg for food, because this habit can be practiced even by visits. Worse is to teach family and friends to not feed "under the table". Trash from our lunch fit for a dog take aside and give the next feeding. The most suitable pieces are sweet fruit, veggies, meat pieces - no spices, dog biscuits, biscuits, ...

Organisation of feeding

Before feeding walk the dog good. The last feeding give after the last walking. If you are going to the training ground, put the dog food last about 1-2 hours before departure, working dogs receive 1 / 3 of the dose given after the return the rest. When adult dogs are trained, you can skip one meal before a workout - will better respond to the treats.

Never allow your dog to beg at the table. Neither children nor let visit an exception. Just a couple of times and the dog associates that he just have a look at the table and gets a reward. Dog training should be consistent in every area. Many people will say to you that you were not so strict, it may be given a bit ... Do not let soften. Once someone wants to give your dog some treats, he must earn it, give him some commands to perform. If he beg for food, the banish him from the room.

How much?
A large dog such as wolfdog has a weight in adulthood around 35 to 40 kg.

Consumption of calories:

Calorie consumption ........................ about 1680 kJ

Consumption in grams:

Raw foods ............................. approx 800 to 900 g

Canned meat and Annex .... about 800 g + 200 g

Semi-dry food ........................ about 550 g

Dry food .............................. approximately 480 g

How many times a day is an appropriate dose?
When do we feed?

in the morning after waking up we walk the dog first and then feed him

 at evening, before sleeping we walk the dog good and then feed him

Large breed has several stages of development. In 8-9 months, we notice a weight gain without a significant increase in feed consumption. Height development is completed and developed without increasing the weight ration. Number of feeding the puppy is given by a small stomach. It is therefore necessary to divide the ration. Older dogs can be fed once a day or even twice as better suited to us, or one day a week by adult dogs only something to drink.

Feeding scheme

1 to 2 months .................. 5 - 6 times a day

2-4 months ................... 4 - 5 times a day,

4-6 months ................. 3 - 4 times a day

6 to 12 months ............... 3 - 2 daily

12 to 16 months ............. 2 - 1 times a day

later ......................... 1, preferably at evening

Feeding two or more dogs at time
If you have more than one dog, each must have its own bowl for food and water. Own place to feed. Do dogs eat from one dish at a time, it may occur that dominant one will eat the food and submissive dog will have nothing. Every dog has other dietary requirements, one is older, the other younger. May also be a battle for food. But mainly, if a dog do not eat his dose, may indicate to us that there is something wrong with his health.