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Tobrok Casshern Yel "Bax"

Basic informations Czechoslovakian wolfdog
Date of birth: 13.05.2016
Gender: male
Mother: Yelka z Litavské kotliny
Father: Baxter Vlčí tlapka


Drahomíra Ambrusová, Bánov, Slovakia, 0905 560 771,
Breeding Stud male
Registration: SPKP 3640
DNA profile: yes
Youth presentation: Very promissing
Bonitation:   As Of P1/67 Xv 56,72 Xf 107,46 Xh 0,705 SK
Working exams:   SVP1
Dog show titles: CAJC, BOJ, CACIB, BOS, JBIG1, čak.ChAT, čak.ChSR
Hip displasy:   A (0/0)
Ellbow displasy: 0-0
Degenerative myelopathy: N/DM carrier of the mutation - Vetgene
Dwarfism: N/N clear of the mutation - Vetgene
About Bax

Bax is selfconfident male, but trainable. No one will miss him, because of his bright colors and nice light eyes. Has excellent, but lighter bones structure, excellent format and angulations. He is typical male, that is giving bright colors to his progeny. He is giving also long legs, good bodies, that are stabile in his pedigree. He is also having interesting blood combination.j


Mother Yelka z Litavské kotliny, father Baxter Vlčí tlapka


Casshern has for now 3 litters, bright in colors, but still young for any detailed judgeing. All are in Slovakia.

Not every breeder is having web pages, where are the litters informations. So for now only basic infos by us. Later direct link to breeders page via photo of mother.

2019 "F" Strážca divočiny (SVK)

Mother: Alba Strážca divočiny (SVK)

Date of birth: 28.01.2019  

Females: 3     

                              Males: 3

2019 "A" Terra Slovakia (SVK)

Mother: Hira ArQeVa (CZ)

Date of birth: 26.01.2019  

Females: 2     

Males: 7

2018 "F" Tobrok (SVK)

Mother: Tobrok Angstroom Aki (SVK)

Date of birth: 25.12.2018

Females: 1     

Males: 0