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Planed litter Tobrok "E" Tar



First day of mating: 23.07.2017

Gravidity: 68 days

Assumed date of birth: 22.09.-24.09.2017

Date of birth:  28.09.2017

Pregnancy callendar by

Tara Kysucká hviezda Amur Kalinovská svorka - Gero

Date of birth: 21.11.2011 Date of birth:  05.12.2006
Mother: Jess spod Ďumbiera (SVK) Mother: Ailin Sotis (CZ)
Father: Arimminum Prinz Drakon (CZ-IT) Father: Gero Kollárov dvor (SVK)
Bonitation: As E1 Of R1 P1/60 - SK Bonitation: As Oh R1 Xf113,2,P1/68
HD: A 0/0   ED: 0-1 HD: A 0/0   ED: ?
DM: DM/N   DW: N/N   Dentition: full DM: N/N   DW: N/?   Dentition: full
Work exams: SVP 1 Work exams: SVP 1
Dogshows: 2x excellent Dogshows: excellent, very good
Breeding: Tasha "E", Tasha "F", Tobrok "D" Breeding: "A" a "B" Roja Gordion, "R" spod Ďumbiera
About the litter

This litter was planned bit fast, since Tara started her heat early as last year. But its not so bad. We have choosen a great, but older male. Amur is a imposant male, dry in lips, good body and good pedigree. Im happy to have him in our breeding because of his father Gero Kollárov dvor. Amur has 3 litters, but not so many puppies in them and the more, none in breeding.

Pedigree analysis

Tara is half from italian - czech blood, but from mothers site pure slovakian blood. Amur is maybe older male, but the more interestinf. This combination is lined on the "G" Kollárov dvor kennel, that i realy like. I have met in person Ada Kollárov dvor and will be happy to have her in my breeding.

I know Amur since his bonitation and later saw him on SVP run. Its an impressive "old" type od male, that I realy like. From blood, he has more interesting dogs in his pedigree, slovakian and also czech kennels, that the most dogs have only far away in pedigree. For all just to tell - Kollárov dvor, Šedá eminence, two important males from Krotkovský kennel Omar and Cézar and the czech stud male from "A" litter Reolup litter, that gives nice coat and type of dogs - Akim.


Amur Kalinovská svorka - Gero
As Oh R1 Xf113,2,P1/68
Gero Kollárov dvor
A67.5 C2 Of R1 P1,
Milo Ruskov dvor CS
A66 Oh R1 P1,
Omar z Krotkovského dvora CS
A67.5 Of R1 P1,
Asta Šinárikov dvor CS
A63.5 E1 F2 Of R1 P3
Citka Kollárov dvor
A66.5 Oh R1 P1,
Cézar z Krotkovského dvora CS
A67 Og R1 P1,
Ada Kollárov dvor
A63 C2 Og R1 P1,
Ailin Sotis
A60 E1 Oh R1 P1,
Aron od Rajské chvojky
A69 K1 Og P1,
Baker Šedá eminence
A68 E1 I2 Of R1 P3,
Grey Šedá eminence
A64 E3 K3 Oh R1 P3,
Felon Eden severu
A62 K3 Of R1 P3,
Akim Reolup
A68 K3 Of P1,
Bira od Chrudimky CS
A62 Og R1 P1,
Tara Kysucká hviezda
As E1 Of R1 P1/60
RTG DBK 0/0, RTG DLK 0/1
Arimminum Prinz Drakon
x, A/A
Grey Wolf z Molu Es
A69.5 Og P1, A/A
Agar Reolup
A68.5 E1 Oh R1 P1, A/A
Amálka od Buližníku CS
A62 E1 Od R1 P1, A/A
Arimminum Istar Ketty Pru
Charon Šedá eminence
A71 Og P1, A/A
Ambra Vlčí naděje
A66 E1 F2 Og P3, A
Jess spod Ďumbiera
A60 Oh R1 P3
Enor Malý Bysterec
A65.5 Of R1 P1, A/A
Ajax od Miščicha
A66 Of R1 P1
Krásna Ruskov dvor CS
A62.5 E1 Of R1 P5, A/A
Dáša Chlumecké podzámčí
A62 Og R1 P1
Cagi od Úhoště
A69 D12 Of R2 P3, A/A
Grace Kollárov dvor
A64 Og R1 P1, A/A
Health checks before mating
Before the coverage we have absolved X-rays for hip dysplasia and elbow joint examination as optional here in Slovakia. In addition to these diseases has also examined for degenerative myelopathy DM, which is a carrier, but it becomes never ill. Therefore, we selected only the partner, with the result N/N. Result of the test on dwarfism - pituitary dwarfism is negative, ie N/N.

The stud Amur has also a screening for dysplasia. HD A 0/0, and as mentioned, no mutant gene on degenerative myelopathy, thus  N/N. Copies of all examinations of both parents, get the owners of puppies.


The first mating was without any complications. Before the mating was a not formal meeting of both future parents. Amur was in those days interested in Tara, it was only sixth day of heat, so he had no chance. But Tara is ready on 13-15 day, so we had time.

And so it was. There was a game before mating, without any biting. The mating was fully natural and without problems. We mated them on the other day too.


The first half of pregnancy - waiting for confirmation


No informations.


The second half of pregnancy